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Discover the "Umami" Magic of Japanese cuisines only at Umi Matsu

Following the phenomenal success of our flagship branch in Malate, Manila, now, it's time to celebrate! So, for the Japanese foods lovers, the long-awaited moment has arrived because Umi Matsu in Parqal Mall is officially open last March 8th. Using earthy tones like beige, brown, and grey, creates a calming atmosphere in the interior of the restaurant. These colors reflect the natural beauty of Japan’s landscape. Our modern Japanese interior designs that makes you feel like your in the culinary adventure of Japan. 

Umi Matsu Parqal has a relaxing ambiance, spacious, and has a great selection of authentic Japanese dishes, giving you a pleasurable food adventure through the heart of Japan. A diverse range of Japanese dishes in our new dining place Parqal Mall will give you a culinary explorations of Japan. 

Craving for authentic and affordable Sushi Maki Rolls? We got you! Good news to all Sushi lover, if you are craving for some Maki Sushi Rolls, Umi Matsu have a Grand Opening Promo from March. 8-31. A great deal for all - 50% promo for all Big Maki Rolls in our newest branch in Parqal Mall. So, if you are craving for some Sushi Maki Rolls, We got you! The best tasting and always freshly made. Sushi-licious flavors that rolls to your tounge.

It has a wide variety of authentic flavors of Japanese cuisines. With our head Chef Shin who has experience cooking Japanese dishes for more than 26 years, we guarantee that we serve high-quality, authentic and fresh Japanese foods everyday. There is a comfort and satisfaction in every bite of the dishese we offer, as they are bursting with delicious flavors. 

The grand opening in Parqal Mall would not be possible without the presence, and support of our previous influencers who already featured Umi Matsu Malate Branch. We collaborate with them to create engaging and authentic content for our brand and the presence of our friends in media too. They enjoyed our authentic signature dishes -- dishes that symbolize some mouthful and identity of authenthic Japanese cuisines. 

So, Get ready to a culinary journey as we bring you to the Japanese vibes right into your tastebuds in our newest branch in Parqal Mall.  Watch out for more exciting announcement for another branch to open soon! 

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