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Discovering the Thrill of Driving the Next-Generation Territory

Admiring the curves of the Next-Generation Territory on the road is easy when traffic is at a standstill. Experiencing its driving dynamics, however, is a different story. I got my wish to be in the driver's seat of this beauty with the recent invitation from Ford Philippines as they celebrate the first launch anniversary of the next-generation Territory with a heritage road trip. The event, billed as “Your City Reimagined: Territory Experiential Drive,” was a well-thought-out concept that centered on the cultural treasures of the country. Driving the Territory from one stop to the next was sheer joy.

Plate Number 1

Participants, consisting of media practitioners and Ford Territory owners, gathered at the Quezon Memorial Circle complex as the starting point of the event. A guided viewing of a collection of vehicles used by former Philippine presidents ensued at the Presidential Car Museum. Most striking about these vehicles is their size, mostly in black. Navigating these bad boys on the streets of Manila would prove to be a challenge, I thought. The work that went into restoring these presidential cars is nothing short of incredible. As a bit of trivia, the oldest vehicle on display dates back to the 1920s, which was the preferred car of President Emilio Aguinaldo.

After admiring the garage queens, participants were treated to the ease and practicality of handling the Ford Territory. We got to try out its driver-assist technologies in the form of Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with Cross Traffic Alert, for smoother lane changing and merging. Also, a helpful feature of the vehicle is the 360-degree camera to conquer narrow roads while minimizing blind spots.

As we hit the road to the next destination, we took turns at the wheel of the Territory as we discovered more features of this baby. Cruising the Skyway towards Manila was made safer with the Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go, which helped drivers maintain a safe distance from vehicles in front when driving on the elevated highway. The Lane Keeping Aid and Lane Departure were big safety tools that were utilized often during the drive.

The heart of the vehicle is an EcoBoost 1.5L engine that is capable of churning out up to 248Nm of torque and a power of up to 160PS. It is strapped to a 7-speed automatic transmission with Ford’s wet-type Dual Clutch engagement system. This results in faster acceleration on open expressways with improved fuel efficiency. The auto-start-stop function proves to be a fuel saver during stop-and-go traffic. Its various drive modes - Eco, Normal, Sport, and Mountain - allow customization of the driving experience across an array of driving conditions. The high ground clearance of 190mm was more than enough to lord over pothole-filled roads. Riding in style and comfort came in the form of the 12-inch touchscreen display with Wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto capability, rotary e-Shifter, Wireless Charging, and spacious interior and legroom.

Our Rich History

Upon arriving at the National Museum of Anthropology in Manila, our brains were filled with knowledge by going through the different artifacts that showcase life in the Philippines back to prehistoric times. The Palayok Gallery recounted our country’s rich ceramic tradition. On the other hand, the Hibla ng Lahing Filipino Gallery showed traditional textiles created and worn by different indigenous and cultural communities, to name a few. On a personal note, as a writer, I was amazed to learn about the ancient Filipino script, Baybayin, and how it has survived to this day.

Looking Back

Before we knew it, it was time to head to the final stop, which was Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Quezon City. The place is an ode to 18th-century Philippine architecture, which makes guests feel like they have traveled through time. Think of it as the junior version of the grand Spanish-Filipino houses located at Las Casas in Bagac, Bataan.

“We are proud to celebrate the first launch anniversary of the Next-Generation Territory with this unique drive experience that showcased its practical features, making it the perfect daily driver,” shares Communication Director of Ford Philippines and Asia Pacific Distributor Market EJ Francisco.

“In this road trip, we were able to explore some of the cities’ most iconic landmarks, experiences, and cultural gems that made us appreciate what they have to offer as tourism hotspots. It was a great day of learning and relearning about what makes part of our rich history and legacy as a Filipino nation, as well as appreciating what the Ford Territory can offer as a safe, smart, and reliable SUV for Filipino customers,” he added.

Truly, the Ford Territory made the whole day heritage road trip a breeze with the many built-in features that made the journey safe and comfortable.


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