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eBay throws support to local entrepreneurs

Trendy global online marketplace to help Philippine business owners grow their business.

eBay, one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms, expressed its support to help Philippine entrepreneurs become successful through its site

“The Philippines is a hugely important market for us, and is currently undergoing lots of change to meet the needs of a rapidly growing base of savvy online shoppers,” explained Kevin Kwan, Head of Strategy and Operations for eBay Southeast Asia. “We want to ensure we are well positioned here by offering Filipino SMEs a global brand, a trusted platform, and a local management team to help grow their business.”

He added that they are attracting a new generation of online shoppers by featuring tightly curated deals, offering new and seasonal products at friendly prices. In many cases, eBay sellers source their products from other markets so that they can offer brand new global releases not available anywhere else in the Philippines.

“As a platform, we are open to all shapes and sizes of sellers, from brands, retailers, B2C businesses and even casual sellers,” said Kwan. eBay entered the Philippines in 2004, and remains a champion for local businesses. “We provide a unique and exciting marketplace tailored for the Philippines, and offer the best consumer experience driven by trust, technology, and convenience,” explains Kwan. “And most importantly, as a marketplace, we will never compete with our sellers unlike other platforms.”

At present, eBay is focused on providing a wide selection of in-demand products at great prices. Buyers can find the latest cameras and camera accessories, mobile phones, tablets, cool gadgets, mid-range to luxury watches and handbags, fine jewelry, and much more. Payment is also not an issue, as a wide variety of accepted payment methods such as online payment, bank transfer, and Cash on Delivery (COD) provide convenience for both buyers and sellers.

This fall, eBay will also be introducing a digital film series, entitled “Together”, aimed at a new generation of online shoppers. The film was written and directed by Blasgil Tanquilut and addresses age-old themes of love and sacrifice, but is told in a unique and creative way that promises to thrill and delight viewers in the Philippines.

The series will feature a total of 3 episodes, and each new episode promises to be more exciting than the last as the dramatic story unfolds. On September 25, a 25-second trailer was released and garnered 200,000 views within one day.

The first episode of the highly anticipated series will be shown on September 30, with the next two episodes to be shown during the month of October.

Explained Kwan: “We wanted to create a film in Tagalog that is unique with a compelling storyline and a dramatic core that would pull on the audience’s heartstrings.” He also shared that the film is just part of bigger plans for eBay Philippines. “Rest assured we will be releasing several new and creative campaigns over the course of the next few months, and we also have some exciting events lined up for the Christmas shopping season, so stay tuned.”

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