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ENTRASOL PLATINUM now in the Philippines

When people get into their 40s, health and medical issues come to the fore. At this age, the nutritional needs and metabolism of the body change. Specific nutrients become more crucial for body development and to reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and osteoporosis. Sadly, these nutrients are not produced naturally in the body, so there is a need to be proactive with one’s habits and diet.

Kalbe International, a leading manufacturer of nutritional products in Asia, understands that adults over 40 have a lot more going for them. After all, life begins at 40. They still have a lot to share and contribute to their families and society. What they really need is a SOLmate that can help them GET MORE so they can BE MORE. For Kalbe, it is but natural to formulate a product that will help them to get more and be more.

Known for being a leader in the nutrition industry, Kalbe International is committed to providing quality and latest innovative products for the specific needs of every segment of society. Their products are scientifically formulated and manufactured under the most stringent quality and safety standards. They have now made available to the Philippine market another science-based nutrition brand – Entrasol Platinum.

Entrasol Platinum with PROCARE formula is a high-quality adult nutritional supplement that can help fulfill an adult’s daily nutritional needs for protection, healthy aging, and recovery coupled with proper diet, healthy lifestyle, and exercise.

Entrasol Platinum’s PROCare formula allows adults to GET MORE nutrition. Its high protein, vitamin D, and calcium combination help maintain muscle mass and bone strength. Its high fiber that content helps optimum nutrition absorption. Its high vitamin C, E, and Zinc with MCT help optimize the immune system. Its 75% whey protein helps muscle growth. The PROCare formula also contains 9 vitamins and 6 minerals and folic acid.

In pre-marketing surveillance conducted in 2020, it showed that with daily supplementation of Entrasol Platinum, patients recover faster. From an average of 14 confinement days, COVID-19 patients who were given 2 servings of Entrasol a day, were discharged after 10 days only or 53% earlier. Forty-three out of the 68 patients, or 63% enrolled in the program maintained their weight, and 23 or 34% out of the 68 patients gained weight. This proves that Entrasol Platinum may be used to assist in supporting the nutritional needs of critically ill and hospitalized patients and even people recovering from illnesses and surgeries.

Entrasol Platinum is available in two flavors, Chocolate and Vanilla at 200g and 600g. It is available online in Lazada and Shopee and in all leading drugstores, groceries, and supermarkets nationwide at Php330.75 and Php 912.45 respectively.

For your inquiries, call +63917-951-2000 email Follow us on Facebook via EntrasolPlatinumPH, Twitter via EntrasolP, or #

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