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Filipino SEO Titans Unleash Digital Wizardry: WOSCON 2023 Puts Philippines on the SEO Map

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, the Philippines is emerging as a force to be reckoned with. This September 23-24, 2023, the global stage will bear witness to the rise of Filipino SEO virtuosos as they take the spotlight at the World of Search Conference 2023 (WOSCon’23) in Manila. This monumental event not only underscores the country's prowess in the SEO realm but also shines a spotlight on Filipino ingenuity and excellence.

SEO, once an enigma to many, is no longer a cryptic code but a powerful key to unlocking success in the digital world. This year's WOSCon’23, hosted at the Winford Manila Resort, is set to be the beacon that guides digital enthusiasts and industry professionals alike towards mastery in search engine optimization. With a distinguished panel of 24 global experts, including 6 distinguished Filipinos, this conference promises to be a groundbreaking gathering for the SEO community.

Philippine Pioneers of SEO Domination

At the forefront of this seismic shift is Mr. Kherk Roldan, a visionary from Surigao City who has carved a niche for himself as a digital marketing champion and founder of The SEO Movement. Kherk's journey of empowerment began in 2014, when he laid the foundation for Kherk Roldan SEO Advanced Digital Solutions, aimed at creating freelancing opportunities for his community. His tireless efforts culminated in the establishment of Outsource Sharks, guiding e-commerce and entrepreneurship experts to redefine success in the digital realm. At WOSCon ’23, Kherk will illuminate the world with his insights on “Why Outsource SEO in the Philippines”.

A trailblazer in every sense, Angeline Licerio has positioned herself as a beacon of women's empowerment in the SEO world. With her company All White Hat SEO, she's redefining the landscape for SEO services. Armed with clients like Adobe, Perfect Locks, and Wikijob, she's championing excellence on the global stage. WOSCon ’23 will witness her share her brilliance in “How to Productize Your SEO Services for Better Positioning”, inspiring others to follow her footsteps.

Jason Acidre, Co-Founder of Avaris IO, brings technical SEO, content marketing, and digital PR into a harmonious symphony. His agency's impact, coupled with his online platform Kaiserthesage, has solidified his status as a true industry visionary. As the publisher of Grit PH, he's magnifying his influence in the personal finance and business arena. Jason's session on "Advanced Link Building in 2023" at WOSCon ’23 will be a masterclass in itself.

Glen Dimaandal, the veteran with 15 years of digital marketing experience, is synonymous with SEO excellence. As the Founder of SearchWorks.Ph, he's steered projects for Fortune 500 companies and unicorn startups alike. His global exposure, including speaking engagements at SMX West and Confluence in the United States, sets the stage for his WOSCon ’23 session, “5 Ecommerce SEO Tips to Give Your Online Store an Edge”.

Fervil Von Tripoli, the ingenious mind behind Tap White Label Marketing, has created ripples by orchestrating triumphant SEO campaigns. His journey from freelancing to establishing his agency is a testament to his transformative power. His session, “SEO to CEO: From Freelancing to Growing Your Own SEO Agency”, will inspire fellow Filipinos to embark on their own success stories.

Last but not least, William Jones, the co-founder of The SEO Movement, is set to ignite the fire of success in business owners through his talk, “Mindset of Success”. A self-taught entrepreneur, his strategies have catapulted his company, William Jones Marketing, to great heights.

The World of Search Conference 2023 (WOSCon’23) isn't just an event; it's a celebration of Filipino brilliance, innovation, and success. The lineup of local and international SEO experts promises to be a game-changer. Attendees can immerse themselves in this groundbreaking event in person or virtually. To be part of this transformative experience, register for WOSCon’23 at Follow The SEO Movement on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok for updates that will spark your digital journey. Prepare to witness the Philippines take its rightful place at the pinnacle of SEO excellence.

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