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Get ready to earn more with Bajaj Maxima Cargo!

We all want to have that "extra income" to provide for our family's needs. That is why Bajaj Philippines launched the Bajaj Dagdag Kabuhayan raffle promo. This enticing promo gives three (3) lucky Ka-Bajaj a chance to win a P225,888 worth Bajaj Maxima Cargo. Here are the winners for the first draw last April 12:

Hardworking father from Legazpi, Albay | After a few years as a tricycle driver, Edmundo Jadie finally experienced driving continuously on the uphills in his hometown after he purchased his very own Bajaj Maxima Z at Motortrade Legazpi last March, which he never experienced when he is still driving his traditional tricycle. After that, he never thought of driving a traditional tricycle again. Equipped with a 236.22cc engine, heavy-duty CV Shaft, and dual front fork suspension, Bajaj Maxima Z can easily climb the steep roads in Legazpi city and easily absorb any bumps along the road. For Edmundo, the Bajaj Three-wheeler is the leader in durability!

Wise cashier from Bohol | It's the husband of Maresol Pajuta who encouraged her to buy their own Bajaj RE at DES Strong Motors Tagbilaran, Bohol. Mr. Pajuta heard so much recommendation about the Bajaj RE from his fellow TODA members that not only it is very cost-efficient when it comes to maintenance and spare parts availability, it also has lesser fuel consumption due to the Fuel Injection (FI) System of Bajaj RE. Starting last March, her husband relies only on Bajaj RE as his partner on diskarte sa buhay.

Wise toda operator of Davao | It seemed like a "blessing in disguise" when Geraldine Elipe purchased her 2nd Bajaj RE last March at EMCOR Mati City because it is the reason she got her 3rd three-wheeler, the Bajaj Maxima Cargo! Her repeat purchase is due to the comfortability of the ergonomic seats and the symmetrical arrangement of Bajaj RE! It is the most requested transport vehicle for the locals and tourists when it comes to comfort compared to the traditional tricycle in their area. They have already proven that Bajaj Three-wheeler is the number 1 choice when it comes to comfortability.

Be on the lead in commuting with the Bajaj Three-wheeler! Like them, you can bring your hustle to another height with a Bajaj three-wheeler! Visit our website at to check the nearest authorized dealer in your area. If you are ready to purchase or inquire, click on this link:

Win a brand-new Bajaj Maxima Cargo when you join the Bajaj Dagdag Kabuhayan raffle promo by purchasing any model of Bajaj three-wheeler until May 31. For the complete mechanics, proceed to this page:

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