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Global Women Who RULE: What does it mean to me and what it can do for you.

You know how it feels when you only have one year before you turn 40 in a pandemic-stricken time and thinking about how to create something that leaves a lasting, impactful impression? That exactly what was in my mind when I said to myself: Okay, this live-streamed global summit for women is something I will bet on.

Living by my mantra of being “a jack of all trades and master of 10,” has allowed me to manage a couple of businesses all at the same time. One of them is a soon-to-be-one-year-old The New Channel (TNC), a live-stream channel where I have always been encouraged to have my own online show. I kept saying no despite being offered hosting a salaried online show. None has proposed a compelling reason enough for me to do it. I always say “I’m pang-backstage.” I say that because the truth is, that’s where I feel I do my best work.

One trait that I believe to have mastered out of my 10 things that I wanna be great at is my command and attention to details. That trait has set me to be different from others not for anything but for what it’s worth to create something unique and meaningful.

I’m always amazed to know women who share the same experience—juggling a lot of things at the same time and doing what they can to win in life. I see myself in those people—really hungry to be great at what they do; people who don’t need validation yet are happy to be just be great at what they do. They strive to achieve greatness by their own standard and definition of what it means to be great. And when I see women who are driven by the same motivation, it drives me, too.

My vision for #GlobalWomenWhoRULE is set for a longer term than normally expected. It’s not just an event for the sake of doing one. I see this as an annual event for the coming years still exciting people as far as 2030. I feel it’s a sustainable idea meaning that someone who has been touched by the concept would want to continue the project even without me. Besides, it’s supposedly “ a celebration of being me—a woman.”

Four rules (4R) to 4L: Living a Life that’s Leaves a Lasting Impression


Reach out. Our purpose in this world is to always pay something good forward. None of what we have materially—money, bags, shoes, diamonds and pearls won’t matter if we are not sharing ourselves and what we have with others. Blessings over blessings. Often we hear “live a purposeful life.” or “Live a life that is extended to others.” I agree. But, remember while you’re extending to others, you don’t want to lose yourself along the way. Extending yourself doesn’t mean sharing your material wealth. It can also mean making yourself available when a situation warrants it. Simply put, sharing your time means, sharing yourself.


Unite. To unite means to become the root to a fruitful tree. You can be the strength that everyone needs in their time of helplessness. Show that you care enough that you move yourself and other each day believing that you’re making this world a better place for yourself and for the people you love.


Love. Love isn’t just one thing. It’s everything.


Encourage each other. You can contribute to define the new normal society where we build each other up rather than pulling each other down. Positive on positivity, no matter what.

Global Women Who RULE (GWWR) is not just a summit. The concept doesn’t end after it’s streaming but it will start a journey to creating a legacy. It’s a legacy I’m committed to doing for as long as I can hoping that this is the same legacy I want to leave in the women sector.

We celebrate women of different sizes, colors, and motivations. When you celebrate with us, you feel you’re fully express yourself, you feel most loved.

Despite the noise you hear around and the difficulty of the times, hug yourself because you’re doing great. And this what the summit wants you to always remember. Really, you’re great.

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