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Indian-American Executive brings Bollywood Music to Manila

Dream World USA, an American company that makes travel experiences affordable and comfortable as possible for people and companies around the world, brings Bollywood music to Manila as part of its objectives of creating a boom of international artists in the Philippine entertainment scene.

The company will fly-in the legendary DJ Akbar Sami, from India, to introduce his brand of house music to the local Philippine party scene. DJ Akbar will perform in an epic one-night dance party on January 25, 2019 at the Resorts World Manila’s “House Manila,” the city’s popular and vibrant nightlife mecca that’s bristling with energy, which will precede his planned 2019 US tour. He will bring to Pinoy partygoers his own brand of unique and sizzling club hits as they all welcome a brand-new year with dazzling music and scintillating performance the Philippine club scene has never seen before. He started his career at an early age in his native India as a dancer where he became part of dance ensembles in popular Bollywood movies. From then on, he moved to become a well-known dance choreographer who then turned to being a DJ and musician. DJ Akbar Sami is credited for having pioneered the DJ music scene in his country, with his renowned remix albums such as “Jalwa,” “Jalwa 2” and “Jadoo” that have all been met with critical success, and built up his identity as of the most influential and prolific DJs in Asia. He is a self-taught disc jockey yet to perfect his craft, he entered a crash course on DJ-ing in London in order to gain global appeal for his music and his dance shows. He then became known as the "Remix King" in Bollywood, collaborating with other DJs in India to come up with his club scene music that has become the talk of the town in his home country and other parts of the globe. He introduced his remixes in India that were met with such wide acclaim and success, a feat no one in his country have yet to accomplish. The popular DJ also toured extensively, particularly in the United States, for more than a decade. He played in jam-packed VIP clubs and other high-profile party venues where he introduced his brand of musicality, artistically spinning together various musical genres such as Rap, Jazz, Rock and Folk, and successfully infused with Bollywood flavor. He recently ventured into singing with the remake of a classic Bollywood ditty called “Kabhi Kabhi,” a significant highlight of his 35-year music career.

"Aside from taking a leading role in the personal and corporate travel bookings in the USA, we also want to establish a distinct name in the entertainment industry in the Philippines, hence Dream Events and Entertainment was formed in the PH. By bringing in DJ Akbar and acknowledging the Filipino's reputation as 'lovers of great music' and the Philippines being a thriving party hub, we know that his brand of music will be a big hit among Filipinos.

Through Dream Events and Entertainment PH, the company will be bringing international talents from around the world, introducing them to the Filipinos”, stated by Sumeet Ramchandani, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dream World USA.

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