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Indulge in the Art of Love with Raffles Makati's Exquisite Valentine's Season Enticements

Embrace the essence of romance this Valentine's Day season at Raffles Makati, where culinary excellence and unforgettable experiences await discerning couples.

Raffles Makati’s renowned Mireio French fine dining restaurant, offers an unparalleled romantic experience against the backdrop of the city skyline and sunset. Available from February 9 to 29, the Ma Valentine dinner presents an exquisite 6-course set menu expertly curated for the occasion. Priced at PhP6,500++ for the non-vegan option and PhP4,500++ for the vegan alternative, the menu includes highlights such as Foie gras with dusted onion, truffle reduction, apricot puree, and brioche, paired with Taylor’s Fine Ruby Port. For those with a penchant for seafood, the Sea urchin and mussel soup with rouille foam, paired Tedeschi Pinot Grigio, is a sublime choice. The culinary journey culminates in a dessert of poached pear in Burgundy wine, cranberry grenadine ice cream, and red berries coulis.

Meanwhile, Mistral, Raffles Makati’s rooftop bar, beckons couples to experience "The Perfect Match at Mistral." From February 5 to 29, indulge in three unique pairing options, including Espresso Martini Cocktails plus Tiramisu for PhP1,700++, Branchetto d’Acqui Wine plus Chocolate covered Strawberry Lollipops for PhP2,500++, and Camille De La’ Brie Rose plus an elaborate Cheese Platter for PhP2,700++. With its magnificent outdoor vibe overlooking the cityscape, Mistral promises an unforgettable Valentine's celebration.

Raffles Makati’s Long Bar, known for its lively night-out atmosphere, introduces "My Perfect Pair" from February 1 to 28. Priced at PhP1,900++, this special offering celebrates the season with a delightful cocktail and pizza pairing. Choices include The America’s Favorite (Pepperoni Pizza and Cuba Libre), Queen Margherita (Margherita Pizza and Negroni), Cheesy Pie (Cheese Pizza and Manhattan), and The Controversial Pie (Hawaiian Pizza and Tequila Sunrise). Revel in the vibrant ambiance and live music entertainment that make the Long Bar the go-to spot for a night filled with joy.

For more information and reservation, please call +632 7795 1840 or email

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