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Introducing XTURN E-Commerce Platform: Revolutionizing Online Shopping in the Philippines

XTURN, a dynamic and innovative E-Commerce platform, is set to make its debut in the Philippines. Established in March 2021, XTURN aims to become the core search engine for all categories, offering a seamless and rewarding online shopping experience for consumers.

From the left: David Huang(President, Royal Global Business Center); Alex Lo(Co founder, XTURN); Marjorie Rubio(CEO, Bexcs Logistic Solutions, Inc.) and Benjamin Lee (COO, XTURN & XMART)

One of XTURN's key features is its "Free register rewards Free 1,000 X-Coin" promotion, which has already attracted over 400 thousand active members in less than 6 months, reaching an impressive user base of over 13 million. With this promotion, users are rewarded with X-Coin, which can be used as cash, every time they complete a transaction on the platform.


Unlike other e-commerce platforms, XTURN sets itself apart by offering cash rewards on all items. This unique feature allows users and their fans to receive cash rewards, creating a sustainable system that benefits both buyers and sellers.


XTURN's core competency lies in its exclusive partnerships and collaborations. Some notable partnerships include CHUNGHWA TELECOM hami Corporation, Taiwan Traveler Card Exclusive Online Authorization, 26 banks for redeeming reward points, XMART SMART Convenient Stores, JKO pay, and Line point. These collaborations provide XTURN users with a wide range of benefits and rewards.


With over 310 thousand active members, 692 vendors, and a rapidly growing user base of over 13 million, XTURN is poised to revolutionize the e-commerce landscape in the Philippines.


Looking ahead to 2024, XTURN plans to implement a new 4D system to maximize member engagement. This system will focus on enhancing the overall shopping experience, increasing brand loyalty, and boosting revenue through targeted marketing strategies.


XTURN understands that simply putting out commercials is not enough to acquire members or create the utmost shopping experience and brand loyalty. By implementing the 4D user streaming mechanism, XTURN aims to quadruple the power of its marketing efforts, resulting in increased exposure, stronger brand loyalty, an enhanced shopping experience, and ultimately, higher overall revenue.


As XTURN prepares to launch in the Philippines, consumers can anticipate a new era of online shopping that combines convenience, rewards, and an unparalleled user experience.


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