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It’s Raining Gin in Manila!

By Cesar Cruz Jr.

In the grand tapestry of global gin enthusiasts, Filipinos proudly stand as one of the biggest consumers, bathing in the juniper-infused glory of this versatile spirit. Brace yourselves for the Manila Gin Festival, slated for March 8-9, 2024, ready to hoist the local gin game by introducing aficionados to both classic gin royalty and avant-garde craft renegades from across the globe. It's a spectacle where gin evolution meets a two-day bacchanal at the BGC Highstreet Amphitheater in Taguig.

This isn't just another gathering; it's a mission! The Manila Gin Festival aims to immerse gin aficionados in an experience of epic proportions. Serving as a launching pad for distilleries and brands, it's the ultimate showcase where creativity, diversity, and the craft culture catapult to the forefront.

But what's in store for those thirsty for a gin-soaked escapade? The Manila Gin Festival promises a two-day, open-air carnival where over 3,500 gin enthusiasts can dive into educational and interactive experiences. Picture this: evening entertainment by a DJ and a live band, creating an atmosphere that resonates with the very soul of gin.

The festival grounds will be transformed into a gin utopia – think picnic tables, seating arrangements that scream communal vibes, and pop-up food stalls curated by BGC's finest restaurants. And hey, there's a retail booth in the mix, letting participants take home their newfound gin loves from the event.

Last year, with 26 brands jumping into the gin pool, the festival served a staggering 7,285 drinks to 3,500 gin enthusiasts during the two-day extravaganza. The encore in 2024 promises an even more extraordinary experience, building on the previous year's success.

Securing your spot in this gin-fueled fiesta is as easy as sipping a G&T. Purchase a ticket, and you'll be armed with a specialized Manila Gin Festival Gin & Tonic glass and two drink stubs. Brands are generous with samples, but if you're aiming for the full-sized gin & tonic or a crafty cocktail, just flash that drink stub. And for those who believe more is always more, fret not – extra drink stubs are up for grabs.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of the BGC Highstreet Amphitheater in Taguig, the festival's magic unfolds on Friday, March 8, and Saturday, March 9, from 4 pm to 11 pm. The central location ensures that gin zealots from all corners of Manila can easily waltz in.

As the Manila Gin Festival gears up for another round of unforgettable revelry, it extends a spirited invitation to all gin lovers. Come, savor unique gin-based concoctions, and let's collectively celebrate the resurgence of this classic spirit. Get ready for gin-credible vibes at the BGC Highstreet Amphitheater – where the spirit of gin boldly takes center stage!

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