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Kenaf - The Pivot of Sustainability

The overexploitation of natural resources required to achieve economic growth and development has resulted in climate change and global warming. The sad truth is that overexploitation has adversely affected the availability and the cost of these resources.

In Malaysia, a group has successfully found the means to achieve sustainability and alleviating the shortage of forest cover by growing the Kenaf plant. With the scientific name of Hibiscus cannabinus L, the Kenaf plant is used to produce many types of eco-friendly materials that are already being used unknowingly by most of us.

From paper to furniture, biofuel and textiles, Kenaf has been grown for over 3,000 years and can be harvested in just 100 to 120 days, alleviating the shortage of forest based raw materials and countering deforestation.

Currently, Kenaf is fast becoming Malaysia’s third commodity next to palm oil and rubber, and this green revolution is being spearheaded by Kenaf Venture Global (KVG). KVG is a private plantation company headed by its Group CEO and Co-Founder Jazman Shahar Abdollah and is supported by the Malaysian government.


KVG takes pride in having corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an integral part of the organization. As manifested by the multiple awards received in a matter of six-month, Jazman’s relentless efforts to edify the Kenaf’s promise as the new-agro commodity is taking this green revolution by a storm worldwide.

The awards that KVG have received includes Industry Excellence in Agriculture and Industry Excellence in Modern Processing Plantation by Malaysia Top Achiever Award 2022, Emerging Commodity of The Year in Kenaf Plantation by Malaysia International Agri Commodity Awards (MIACA) 2022, Global Innovation Sustainability Leader by Global Digital Investment Summit Dubai 2022, Britishpedia as Successful Men in Malaysia; Burj CEO CSR Award by Burj CEO Awards 2022.

Jazman also made headlines recently when he signed MOU under the wing of United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) with KVG’s commitment achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as well as to build houses and provide shelter using Kenaf for the displaced refugees of identified war-stricken nations.

While the bottom lines are important for a business to thrive, Jazman pointed out that “we make certain that we allocate a portion for our CSR works.” He further explained that “the use of green technology is a way to preserve humankind and that is CSR. It is not just about the revenues one makes, it more about how we make ourselves more relevant, exist with purpose and making a difference to this world. In short, be a vessel of change. “

KENAF sharpening the saw

For this initiative, Kenaf is supported by universities from Italy, Germany, United Kingdom and Ireland who will conduct research on the application of Kenaf technologies. These initiatives for research and development are anchored primarily to counter the effects of climate change and global warming.

Jazman highlighted that the thermal insulation features of Kenaf is ideal to not just for houses and buildings but also for the automobile and aviation industry.

In housing, the thermal insulation properties of the Kenaf plant enables houses to withstand extreme weather conditions. Room temperature is kept at its cool state regardless of the hot weather from the outside. Among the benefits of using Kenaf technology are lower cost, safety, it is modular, 100 percent natural and eco-friendly.

Sustainable or Smart City?

Around the globe, KVG aims to develop 10 Sustainable Cities. During a recent visit to the Philippines, Jazman made sure that he would visit Bonifacio Global City in Taguig and learned of its goal to become a Sustainable City.

He pointed out that people believe that a Sustainable City is also a Smart City. According to Jazman, a Smart City involves looking that the technology and materials that are used to develop and construct it. “There’s no point in building and developing a Smart city if you use materials and the wastage produced contributes a massive 40 percent of carbon emission,” he said.

Since Jazman travels around the globe, he noted that some countries are moving backwards in terms of sustainability. He noted that more people are using bikes for transportation or are consuming organic food as an effort to sustainable living. Although these measures are admirable, they fail to realize that cement aggregates and concrete utilized for construction are the major sources of carbon emission. This, Jazman said, is reversing the technology.

“It is essential to thoroughly understand what it takes to be sustainable and the needed support to bring this agenda to life,” he said.

Working closely with the UNDRR and the ten universities will help KVG’s cause to combat global warming and climate change through the Kenaf wander crop.

KVG’s footprint in the Philippines

Noting that there is also a massive requirement for shelters and urban development in the Philippines, Jazman said he was keen to bring over the technology to the country.

“We began to have talks with some parties, starting with the Ambassador of Malaysia to introduce KVG. We clearly stated our intention to bring in KVG’s platform on sustainable materials and technologies,” he said adding that he has also met with a group of developer to further his cause.

However, before he can bring in the technology, Jazman said he had three requirements. First, he needed the government’s support and assistance in creating policies and programs related to sustainable programs.

Secondly, he will also need support for continuing research and development so that the country can realize economic and environmental benefits of this wonder plant. Once these two requirements are in place, Jazman said he can start implementing his program.

Using Kenaf would mean replacing all building materials that cause carbon emissions. It is time we take our part to altogether preserve our beloved earth. Let us go green, the right way to saving humankind,” he added.

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About Kenaf Venture Global Sdn. Bhd. (KVG)

Kenaf Venture Global Sdn. Bhd. (KVG) is a leading kenaf planter based in Malaysia that produces kenaf fibre and core. Equipped with cutting-edge technology innovation, KVG ventures swiftly into the global market to positively impact the socio-economy and the environment. Believing in the uncharted benefits that kenaf can offer, KVG is determined to develop the kenaf industry to create a domino effect to the relevant industries. With the support from the reputable stakeholders, KVG is a step closer each day in realising kenaf as the key to opening the doors of opportunity to many.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Hijas Fizzri

Corporate Communications & Marketing Manager

+6011 3700 2541

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