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Magna Prime Chemical Technologies, Inc. Is Now ISO 9001: 2015 CERTIFIED

Magna Prime Chemical Technologies, Inc., a prominent figure in the construction and chemical industry, has successfully realized its goal of acquiring an ISO 9001:2015, certified by SGS Philippines, the world's leading testing, inspection, and certification company. Fueled by its passion for excellence and the steadfast determination to fortify its position in the market, the company finally gained international acclaim. 

This means that Magna Prime observes and stands by the requirements and follows the fundamental concepts and principles of the ISO quality management system (QMS) effectively and efficiently. With this standard, the company is confident and always poised to provide quality products and services. “It is to see our country be at par with world-class construction chemical products,” says Magna Prime’s main man, inventor, and Agora Awardee Derrick Tan, as he mused over the company’s motivation to pursue an ISO certification.

Recognizing the importance of ISO, Tan underscores the pivotal role of delegation within the organization: “Assigning the appropriate task to capable individuals is crucial. As the company expands, without well-established systems and processes, chaos ensues. ISO serves as a resolution for a streamlined organization poised for sustainable growth and success.” With ISO certification, Magna Prime guarantees that its expansion is supported by efficient processes, enabling it to sustain high standards of efficiency and quality amidst growth, thereby solidifying its standing as a frontrunner in the global construction chemical products market.

Tan emerged as a pioneering inventor, boasting four patents that seamlessly address the challenges and alleviate the concerns within the construction industry. "Magna Prime now owns three successful brands – Buildrite Construction Chemicals, Sinclair Paints, and Max Bond Adhesives. By bridging the gaps, educating the industry, and innovating new products and methodologies, we established the construction chemical category in the Philippines." Tan continues. 

Magna Prime’s success underscores its steadfast commitment to quality, exemplified by ISO 9001:2015. Their QMS ensures excellence across operations – from product development, manufacturing, sales and distribution, and service delivery, to customer relations, ensuring satisfaction for both business partners and customers – guaranteeing unparalleled quality in every touchpoint of the business. We maintain up-to-date processes, equipped with instruments and testing methods that meet and exceed industry standards,” Tan added.

Furthering the company’s commitment to excellence, Magna Prime is consistently proactive in maintaining its standards by tightening Supplier Accreditation to ensure the highest quality raw materials and strengthening the Customer Relations team for more hands-on service. Within the organization, the company is also resolute in establishing precise departmental Quality Objectives, fortifying each team through strategic reorganization, augmenting Risk and Opportunity Management to alleviate future challenges, and acquiring new laboratory equipment to ensure adherence to ASTM standards for all products.

These stand as a testament to Magna Prime’s dedication, ensuring that each process and service offered are streamlined to deliver exceptional quality consistently. 

As Magna Prime ascends to reinforce its prominence towards global standardization, its unwavering commitment to its core values – Hiya, Malasakit, Tiyaga, and Malikhain – remains steadfast. This commitment extends to ensuring that all product and service quality strictly follow international benchmarks. “We need to get ourselves organized, because if we would not be organized in our own home, how can we go external? How will the market trust us?” emphasizes Tan, reflecting the company’s dedication to maintaining integrity and excellence in both domestic and international markets. 

In its pursuit of excellence and fortification within the market, Magna Prime Chemical Technologies, Inc. achieved this significant milestone guided by its founder, Derrick Tan, the company now stands shoulder-to-shoulder with global leaders in construction chemical products.

Celebrating ISO 9001:2015 Certification Milestone Achievement: (From left to right) QualityPlus President Henry O. Palaca, Magna Prime CEO Mr. Derrick Tan, and SGS Operations and Sales Manager Mr. Eric Bernabe.

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