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New aesthetic clinic opens in Bonifacio Global City

Ma. Angela Tomacruz-Cumagun, M.D, FPDS, Avignon Laser Dermatology Medical Director

If you are looking for a clinic that can address all your skin and aesthetics concerns, this is the place to go to and it is located in Bonifacio Global City.

Powered by advanced aesthetic devices and manned by expert professionals, Avignon Laser Dermatology exceeds the quality and services that can be expected from similar aesthetic centers. What makes Avignon Laser Dermatology stand out is that patients do not need to pay as much for the same results.

Regina Grace Buzon-Llorin, MD, MBAH, Avignon Laser Dermatology Medical Operations and Consulting Physician

“We want to help our patients to be more confident with themselves. Avignon is their ally in reaching their goals,” said Benedict Sy, Avignon’s General Manager. “We want to be instrumental to their success as women and men of Avignon."

Instead of having to go abroad to avail better and modern treatments, Sy said Avignon brings these services closer to home “where we can all enjoy it and make it more reachable to everyone.”

Unlike most clinics which use curtains as doors and collapsible light materials as dividers, Avignon has private rooms with solid doors and walls. Patients can enjoy full privacy and security while they freely discuss their aesthetic concerns with doctors who can provide them expert advice.

“The modern French minimalist interior makes the clinic Instagram worthy without sacrificing the aseptic environment of the clinic,” Sy related. “The clinic is another manifestation where beauty and science are merged without compromising each other. It’s a relaxing place where you can recharge and unplug from it all.”

The Visia Skin Analysis provides the dermatologist in-depth information about your skin that allows them to individualize the right treatment for patients.

Avignon Laser Dermatology is strategically nestled in the affluent corner of BGC. The place is so exclusive that patients can feel the serenity and tranquility that patients did not know BGC can offer. Another plus for customers is that Avignon offers free parking at the ground floor level of Fort Victoria, just at the back of the clinic.

“Parking is scarce in BGC and if ever you find one, it might not be close to your destination, not to mention that it can be expensive,” Sy said. “We offer convenience to our customers so that they can enjoy the signature services that we have to offer.”

One of Avignon’s signature services is the Thermage TLC Max, a treatment to tighten, lift and contour sagging and fatigue worn skin. Unique to Avignon Laser Dermatology, the doctors have combined different techniques and technologies to achieve maximum results in non-invasive face lifting. Avignon TLC Max was perfected by their board-certified experts over the years and is guaranteed to make you look 5 years younger in 40 minutes.

Mesobiolift Skin Reset treats skin laxity by tightening, lifting and contouring the cheeks, jaw line, mid face, forehead and under eyes.

“There is no down time and this is literally a lunch time procedure which can be completed in under an hour,” related Dr. Ma. Angela Tomacruz-Cumagun, Avignon’s Medical Director. “The results are immediately visible and it gets better over time. The best part of it is that you only need to do it once a year.”

Another Avignon signature service is the MesoBioLift Skin Reset. Avignon’s signature facial helps the skin recover its elasticity by accelerating collagen production and triggering cell regeneration. Skin Reset also relaxes facial muscles and stimulates blood circulation. The Skin Reset device is made in Spain and we are very proud to be one of the first two clinics to offer this specialized treatment.

Avignon’s third signature service is the Clear Acne and Scar Treatment or CAST. It makes use of a combined approach to treat different types of acne and acne scars at different stages. It targets and reduces acne scars by using different types of lasers and customizing the program to meet the patient’s need.

The new Revlite SI, most popular laser device proven to reduce acne scars and best in class facial rejuvenation. Performed by medically trained professionals, Revlite SI comfortably reduces wrinkles and to brighten the skin in a single session.

“Our personalized approach allows the dermatologist and the patient to journey together towards renewed confidence as quickly as possible,”’ said Dr. Reg Llorin, Medical Operations and Consulting Physician.

Avignon’s other services include Pore and Line Laser (PLL) which uses Clear + Brilliant, a Solta Medical laser made in the US. The Upgraded Exilis Elite which is FDA approved for cellulite reduction and the new Revlite SI laser treatment for acne scars and melasma are also available. Mediostar Monolith from Germany is used for hair removal with brightening. Finally, patients can choose from a wide array of medical facials including Silk Peel dermalinfusion.

With SilkPeel Medical facial simultaneously exfoliates, extracts and infuse much needed nourishment to your skin. Highly safe and customizable procedure, most importantly NO pricking needed.

Avignon Laser Dermatology is located at 101 Ground Floor, Fort Victoria, 4th Ave and 23rd St., BGC, Taguig. For more information about Avignon Laser Dermatology, follow their Instagram @avignonclinic or visit You can also keep in touch by calling 09176368732.

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