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One Twenty-Three Weddings and Events

One Twenty-Three is all about bonds. The bond that ties people together. The bond between couples in marriage and renewal of their vows. The bond between couples ready to take the plunge and be bonded through marriage. The bond between a blossoming daughter turning 18, ready to tie new bonds while holding dearly her bond with her mother, father, lola and lolo, tita and tito. The young man turning 21 being shown to the world outside his family that he now is responsible for himself and others as well. The bond among colleagues at work and in the community, celebrating their achievements and trials in get-togethers. Different bonds, unique in their own, yet remain linked together and celebrated with the services offered by this wedding and events business of Jomai Arnaiz.

One Twenty-Three is the birthdate of Uncle Bujit, whom Jomai Arnaiz’s fondly calls her most beloved Uncle. Jomai was with him in the United States in his last months until his passing away. She flew to him from Baguio City. He had a lingering illness and she knew his passing was inevitable. She simply had to be with him, care for him and make the most of his remaining days as happy and comfortable as she can possibly do. Until his last breath, she was physically there with him, hugging and singing to him his favorite song, Blackbird originally by the Beatles but Kenny Loggin’s version was his favorite, as well as having given comfort and strength to her Uncle Bujit’s two older sisters, and brother-in-law who were also there beside him.

It is for this bond that Jomai has with his Uncle Bujit that she had thought of One Twenty-Three, while grieving and wanting for his memory to last with her, tangibly. Her uncle is all about bonds, bonds with his family – his siblings, his nieces and nephews, his apos from his nieces and nephews – those close to him whom he loved and cared for almost all his life, so unselfishly and generously, over and above himself.

Jomai’s Uncle Bujit had always believed in her, in her abilities and skills, in her integrity as she relates with other people. He watched and kept abreast with how she honed her craft as a wedding and events planner; how she organizes the people around her, how she treats those working and doing things for such events with sincerity, integrity, warmth and understanding. Above all, in all her 11 years of continuously honing her craft in the industry as an events and wedding planner, she learned in all those years how important it is to listen, really listen to those she relates with, deals with, caring to hear the needs, even the unspoken nuances of the clients, the people working with her, the people she puts her trust in to ensure the success of each endeavor. No matter the problems and glitches and hiccups she encountered along the way, empathy from her was freely given, willing to listen with the intent of smoothing and resolving whatever crap that may crop up, primarily for her clients and her colleagues. Those 11 years were filled with so many learnings that were added to her stock of know-how she had stacked all those years, sharpening her skills and senses. Thus, she had developed her expertise in this line of work.

So, combined with the inspiration derived from her Uncle Bujit and in tandem with the fact of how much he believed and supported her as an individual, as a woman, as a mother, as his niece and proudly believed and respected her as that kind of worker and businesswoman he knew she would become, she decided it was time to grow and develop further and do better with One Twenty-Three Wedding and Events. For all those 11 years of experiences she gained, learned, studied and acquired the expertise, and the advice her Uncle Bujit had given her before his demise, it was time to move on to a better direction. Good is better, and better is always best. It was time to spread her wings along with the warmth, fun and joy she has lots to share through One Twenty-Three. It’s time to create, pen and share another 11 years and more for the industry she loves.

One Twenty-Three is about lovingly caring for others’ particular needs, providing that special care with sincerity to bring happiness and joy to people wanting and needing its services, while the Team takes care of the hard-work and stresses that go with the planning and execution of events and eventualities that come along such occasions, leaving its clients and their family and friends focused on how memorable, fun and relaxing their get-together is.

That is how Jomai Arnaiz had conceptualized One Twenty-Three – putting that particular mark of her Uncle’s legacy, his love, generosity, care and hard-work through personal touch.

Putting up One Twenty-Three wasn’t an easy decision to make for Jomai Arnaiz, not simply because setting up a business is not an easy task in itself. It was doubly not easy because it was conceptualized and set-up amid the Corona Virus pandemic. After all, the nature of the business is about getting people together, physically close, to share each moment together, whether it be a wedding, a debut, a company party, a social gathering of the community or organization. The challenges to be faced with ensuring all goes well for the people being serviced by One Twenty-Three, consciously and carefully putting in place systems and mechanisms of keeping the occasion safe with all the participating people protected from the virus. But nothing in life is easy, as her Uncle would say. What’s more, nothing that is essential and important is never easy, as how Jomai’s Lola Josie would always tell her when growing up. Furthermore, her Lola would say, “When it isn’t easy, you’ll know the idea you want to put in action is essential, is important and most of all, is worth it for those lives you’ll touch.”

So, Jomai decided to put into fruition the concept of One Twenty-Three as a wedding and events coordination business that can do good for others, can help and be of service to others’ needs done with joy, love, care and happiness. So, what better timing to introduce and launch online One Twenty-Three Weddings and Events but on her Lola’s birthday, yearly celebrated by the rest of the Philippines, February 25. Two important dates that impacted her life from the day she was born until this present time of her life.

One Twenty-Three Weddings and Events is a choice, as in occasions freely decided upon by those who have bonded and who have bonds that need to be celebrated. It is here, now, to help enhance and spruce up the industry that had been affected much by the pandemic, that is still ongoing as of this writing. One Twenty-Three is all about keeping the bonds aflame and that is how Jomai Arnaiz wants it to be.

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