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Panagbenga Feels at SM: Blooms and Cultural Spectacles Take Centerstage at SM City Baguio

SM City Baguio Sky Terrace transforms at night with colorful light installations in the month-long celebration of Panagbenga.

This year's Panagbenga celebration has been truly remarkable, offering a diverse range of experiences and activities, reflecting a continued commitment to supporting culture and the arts in the city.

The local MSMEs join the month-long Cordillera Food and Crafts Fair that showcases local products from souvenirs to artisanal coffee, and more.

Offering of culinary delights from the Food Truck Fest at The Drive satisfied the Panagbenga gastronomic cravings of both tourists and locals.

ANYA NGAY AMIANAN showcased an art exhibit that holds deep meaning stemming from Cordilleran culture. It displayed artworks by prominent Pasakalye artists, spearheaded by Roland Bay-an with over 20 Panagbenga-themed pieces. 

The Bucket Hat Creative Design Competition tells a story, capturing the essence of Panagbenga in its own unique way. The Bucket Hat Design Competition not only adds a new dimension to the Panagbenga celebration but also provided a platform for local artists and designers to showcase their talents on a larger stage. It served as a reminder that creativity knows no bounds and that the Panagbenga festival is a time for the community to come together and celebrate the beauty of art and culture. 

Among its highlights was the BANG-ED ID AGIW (Garden in Baguio) Flower Design Competition, a captivating showcase demonstrating their expertise in floral arrangement, emphasizing sustainability, urban gardening and community involvement.

With a dedication to supporting the creative community, the events sought to elevate and celebrate Filipino artistry.

The buzz of Panagbenga carried on as MANG WHAWHATTO OF THE CORDILLERA prominently featured indigenous art. Visitors had the chance to engage in a traditional tattooing led by Ammin Acha-ur from the Butbut tribe of Kalinga. It focused on preserving timeless designs and educating attendees about the cultural significance of tattoos, fostering a deeper appreciation for heritage.

Throughout the month, visitors enjoyed the spirit of Panagbenga at the mall which was bustling with festivities, including music highlighting performances by the Dagem of Benguet State University, Baguio City National High School, Saeng ya Kasay Cultural Ensemble from the University of the Cordilleras and University of Baguio Bibak Ubbun Kaafuan (UBBUK).

Paving the way for rising OPM acts with special Live performances from The Edralins, David La Sol, Pastel Sky and Goodluck Mito in the Wish 107.5 Bus.

Adding to the Panagbenga celebrations were lively fireworks, floral displays and light installations throughout the mall. Atop the Sky Terrace is a distinctive attraction, the inflatable coffee guy. This playful addition mirrored the festival's relaxed yet culturally vibrant atmosphere, offering mall-goers a memorable keepsake of their Panagbenga experience at SM City Baguio.

Fur-tastic fun unleashed at SM City Baguio Paw Park as Super Pets club steals the spotlight. Fur-parents and their beloved companions showcased their super style in a thrilling costume contest. A paw-some day of bonding and laughter marked the start of unforgettable memories for both pets and their loving owners!

Residents and visitors eagerly gathered to witness the highly anticipated Grand Float Parade on February 25, where 34 stunningly decorated floats delighted the crowds. SM City Baguio, a hall-of-famer, showcased a non-competing entry, capturing this year’s festival theme of "Celebrating Traditions, Embracing Innovation" with an amusement park-inspired design.

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