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Pour Decisions At Sheraton Manila Bay

By Cesar Cruz Jr.

As a wine enthusiast, I keep my eyes peeled on wine events in the metro that will further my knowledge and appreciation of vino. The recent Tour De France Du Vin 2024 of Sheraton Manila Bay was also, well, a pour of France on my giddy wineglass with its 17 exquisite wine offering coming from the renowned regions of the country known as Gaul during Roman Times. The different wine regions are distinct in terms of the different soil types, colorful tradition, and the perfection of winemaking method throughout the centuries. The featured regions were: South of France, Burgundy Region, Beaujolais Region, Bordeaux Region, Rhone Valley Region, and South West of France.

Having a penchant for reds, I searched for the Bordeaux wines like I would be meeting up with an old friend.  Swirling a pour of Lion De Fabre Medoc 2020-Domaine Fabre en Haut-Medoc in my wine glass brought out aromas of light oak, red and black berries and notes of red fruit, strawberry, and pepper. On the other hand, the red wine of the Beaujolais region with its 100 percent Gamay Noir a jus blanc brought back memories of Soiree Beaujolais events. The star of the selection for me was the Santenay AOC 2017, a savory and classic 100 percent Pinot Noir. The very tannic and full-bodied wine was just poetry in a bottle.

The 17 exquisite wine showcased at This is just one of the 17 main courses offered at the

Tour De France Du Vin 2024. wine event of Sheraton Manila Bay.

Aside from the fine wine, 17 regional dishes of France were prepared by the culinary experts of Manila KITCHEN for an incredible synergy of flavors resulting in the wine and food pairing. Venturing into the white wine, the floral notes of Pouilly-Fuisee 2021 from the Burgundy region found its soulmate in the Homemade Cod Ravioli on Pesto Sauce.

Richard Masselin, General Manager of Sheraton Manila Bay Bernard Flour, owner of Le Cellier French Wine Selection

On a side note, my wife and I had the good fortune of being seated next to a hotel guest who hails from one of the Pacific Islands. Polite pleasantries blossomed into a meaningful encounter as the conversation touched on family, religion, and culture. In the same vein, I was able to learn from Sheraton Manila Bay GM Richard Masselin that a little wine mixed with water was prescribed to him by a doctor when he was a kid. On the other hand, Bernard Flour, owner of Le Cellier French Wine Selection, amused the attendees by saying that for the last 21 years he has been trying to shed light on French wine which is difficult to understand.

It was truly a lovely evening marked with overflowing French wine and food, with spirited conversations as the icing on the cake. I was filled with joie de vivre!

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