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Secrets of Tagaytay

By: Carmie Pascual

(The author is a corporate wellness coach and POUND fitness instructor)

Even if I just discovered NAPA Grill by Don Limone, I’m already calling it a second home.

I’m from the South, so I have the privilege of driving to Tagaytay easily, whenever I need a dose of eco-therapy.

I got my list of faves: where to have a relaxing massage, comfort food, best tea, and brewed coffee. Just when I thought I’d tried and tested the best, I found a secret place.

Contrary to popular belief, you’ll see the best of the best outside the main road, out of the radar of most people hoping to get a view and enjoy calm and serenity.

I found a superb, romantic weekend getaway.

NAPA Grill by Don Limone is quite new in the area. It launched the brand last year, in the middle of the pandemic, to bring back hope and excitement to its target market with its sweet dining experience.

NAPA Grill showcases a selection of cold cuts, cheeses, wines, and international gourmet. The “feel” is different, I knew from its vibe the moment I stepped in and saw the menu, this is a lovely place!

Huge wall paintings struck the artist in me as I entered. These European- inspired masterpieces were painted by Filipino artists based in Dubai, modified the Filipino way, to evoke warmth, friendship, and positive behavior among diners.

I bet most of you haven’t been here, as this wasn’t extensively advertised, yet.

Here’s why you should see and taste it for yourself. It’s more than good food and ambiance

Chardonnay and cheesecake? Podcast sandwich? This place is Simply Perfect!

I’ve never tasted such a lovely combination. It sources fresh products locally

Napa Grill’s twist of Latino, Mexican flavor, a dramatic deviation from its initial offer, didn’t stop it from getting 80 percent of its ingredients from the community market. It turned authentic international dishes into something we can delight in and relate to.

Since Don Limone has been in the business for 10 years, they know what tickles customers fancy. It pursues non-stop innovation

Coming soon is a drive-thru/pickup for cheesecakes and chocolates for customer accessibility and convenience. It will also offer as many as 4,000 different wines to complete the sophisticated, wonderful dining experience.

Dating? Family bonding? This is the weekend place for those who work hard on weekdays, lovers looking for a romantic escapade, friends wanting to wine and dine, and the family to feast on.

Until my next escape, I’m on my way to discovering more SECRETS of TAGAYTAY.

For inquiries, call 0932 873 2316 / 0917 534 2568. Facebook page: Don Limone Napa Grill

Instagram: @donlimonenapagrill

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