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Stay Healthy All-Year Round at Heilen Medical Wellness Center

This holiday season, maintain your wellness with a healthy lifestyle

It’s that time again! The Christmas spirit, the jolly cheer: Every thing reminds us that it is, indeed, the “most wonderful time of the year.” But festive seasons always make us forget our diets and our will to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With Christmas parties happening practically every single day, it is important that you stay healthy this holiday season no matter what!

You can do this by preventing sickness in the first place. It is a myth to think that illness is an inevitable condition. In fact, current studies show that being sick is your body’s way of letting you know that something is off-balance. Modern medicine just addresses the symptoms, but not the underlying cause. This is where natural medicine comes in. As the perfect complementary partner to modern medicine, alternative and integrative healing looks at the core of what makes your body tick. Natural healing sees chronic illness as a characteristic of something being off-balance in your inner body rhythms.

Heilen Medical Wellness Center takes integrative medicine in the Philippines to the next level. They are focused in designing treatment plans that integrate the latest medical technologies with time-honored therapies to address all sources of illness at all levels. This means that you receive an entirely personalized therapy for your complete wellness. Last November 28, Guests were treated with treatments that can boost their well-being. Such as Vitamin C with Glutathione Drip and Infrared Sauna.

Treatments Designed Especially for You

Because each person is different, so too are the plans offered at Heilen. Before starting any therapy, the clinicians at Heilen identify the root cause(s) of the patient’s illness. The doctors here do not rely on existing diagnoses but search further for the underlying reasons why a patient is sick. They examine patients according to the principles of biological-integrative medicine.

This means that you and your own personal situation are looked at deeply. You are the key to your own recovery.

Healing is a Continuous Process

Imagine never being sick again for the rest of your life. Natural healing is the ultimate advocacy in the field of Science and Medicine in today’s modern world. Innovative medicine and studies suggest that the alternative approach compliments -- rather than hinders -- the traditional way of handling physiological aging, auto immune and degenerative diseases.

Learn more about Heilen Medical Center by visiting their clinic at:

Upper Basement 111Paseo de Roxas Bldg.

Paseo de Roxas Street cor. Legaspi Street, Legapi Village

1229 Makati City, Philippines

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