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Supervet Dok Erikk Joins Forces with Robinsons Malls Metro East for Petstock Events

Dok Erikk l Supervet

Supervet Dok Erikk has partnered with Robinsons Novaliches and Robinsons Malls Metro East to present a series of Petstock events from July 18 to 21. The collaborative initiative aims to educate pet parents on animal care while offering engaging activities for both fur babies and their human companions.


The four-day extravaganza will commence with a remarkable medical mission led by Supervet Dok Erikk, focusing on providing essential healthcare services to pets in need. The event will further include the highly anticipated "Pet Got Talents" showcase and a vibrant pet jamboree, offering a platform for pets to showcase their unique talents and spread joy among attendees.


With a mission to combine entertainment and education, the Petstock events aim to create a harmonious environment where pet parents can learn, engage, and bond with their beloved companions. Through a blend of informative sessions, interactive activities, and engaging demonstrations, Supervet Dok Erikk, Robinsons Novaliches and Robinsons Malls Metro East are dedicated to building a community centered around pet welfare and well-being.


"We are thrilled to partner with Robinsons Malls Metro East for the Petstock events, where we can empower pet parents with valuable knowledge while fostering a sense of joy and connection among pets and their families," expressed Supervet Dok Erikk.


Join us from July 18 to 21 at Robinsons Novaliches and Robinsons Malls Metro East for a celebration of pets, learning, and fun-filled activities that promise to create lasting memories and strengthen the bond between pets and their devoted parents.


For more information, visit Supervet website at and official Facebook page at 


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