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Taiwan's Allure Beckons Filipino Hearts

By Cesar Cruz Jr.

The distinguished Taiwan Tourism Workshop, held on February 1, 2024, at Seda Hotel Manila Bay, marked a pivotal moment in the flourishing relationship between Taiwan and the Philippines. Mr. Wallace Minn-Gan Chow, the esteemed representative of the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines, delivered an inspiring address during the event, expressing profound gratitude to the Taiwanese Tourism Delegation for orchestrating a successful B2B workshop.

Dustin Teng Shi Yang of Teco joining the DIY pineapple cake making with visitors

Commending the delegation's dedication, Mr. Chow highlighted the collaborative spirit fostering a robust bilateral tourism partnership. The workshop witnessed the active participation of nearly 120 Philippine tourism stakeholders, underscoring the growing camaraderie between the two nations. Mr. Chow, recognizing the vast potential within the Philippine tourism market, envisioned a future characterized by mutual exploration and shared experiences.

Reflecting on the year since Taiwan reopened its borders in October 2022, Mr. Chow shared a staggering statistic: over 309,000 Filipino travelers visited Taiwan from January to November, representing a remarkable 550% increase compared to 2022. This surge not only signals a resilient recovery in the post-pandemic era but also emphasizes Taiwan's burgeoning allure as a preferred destination for Filipino travelers.

Mr. Chow emphasized the seamless connectivity between the Philippines and Taiwan, with over 120 direct flights per week. He aligned this with the increasing demand for leisure travel, the resurgence of travel confidence, and the promising growth potential of bilateral tourism.

Shedding light on Taiwan's diverse attractions, feature tours, and unique activities, Mr. Chow extended an enticing invitation to every Filipino explorer. From indulging in the authentic Taiwanese food scene across more than 109 markets to experiencing the charm of over 370 leisure farms offering activities like vegetable picking and tea making, Taiwan promises an unparalleled adventure.

For adventure enthusiasts, Taiwan beckons with incredible train rides, bicycle tours, and hiking trails, all set against breathtaking scenic views that promise to captivate every journey and stay. Mr. Chow also encouraged those with a penchant for cultural immersion to plan a visit during traditional festivals, such as the upcoming Lantern Festival in late February, a celebration of national pride illuminated by powerful lanterns of all shapes and sizes.

Closing his address with a warm invitation, Mr. Chow cordially invited all Filipino friends and tourism stakeholders present to visit, enjoy, and promote Taiwan. He expressed confidence that firsthand experiences would deepen their understanding of Taiwan's beauty, inspiring them to share their unique stories with fellow Filipinos. In heartfelt gratitude, Mr. Chow extended his appreciation to all for their presence and support in this exciting chapter of cross-cultural exploration.

Taiwan Pavilion at the Philippine Travel Tour Expo 2024

The exciting activities prepared by the Taiwan Pavilion at the Philippine Travel Tour Expo at the SMX Convention Center Manila last February 2-4,2024 proved to be a resounding success as it was awarded the Most Interesting Booth in the closing ceremony of the event. Celebrity Filipino couple Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos, serving as tourism ambassadors of Taiwan, graced the opening event of the Taiwan Pavilion. Adding to the fun were performances by social media sensation Chef RV Manabat and Fun To Art, winner of 2022 Xiongzheng International Street Dance Competition. Other attractions consisted of a DIY Pineapple Cake workshop by Vigor KoBo, Hakka floral lantern crafting, traditional Taiwanese egg pancake tasting, and Ohbear nail art painting event.

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