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Unique and Sweet Gifts for your Mom

Updated: May 6, 2021

How do you make your mom feel special this Mother’s Day?

Surprise her with the most unique gifts of SweetBlooms Rose Candy Pastillas.

SweetBlooms Rose Candy Pastillas are perfect gift ideas for many good reasons: Made with quality and fresh ingredients, affordable, presentable, a yummy treat, and blooming with candy pastillas. SweetBlooms Mother's Day collection is now available through its FB page, with this link:

SweetBlooms products have the right sweetness, not overly sweet, dry on the outside but so creamy and soft on the inside to satisfy your mom’s sweet cravings.

These beautifully arranged rose candy pastillas come in different flower sizes that are edible and with a reasonable price range. Moreover, it’s very convenient to order because they deliver flowers nationwide.

Mother’s Day is a special time of year when you get to celebrate the first person you always turn to for everything. On her special day tell her how much she means to you.

A sweet venture inspired by the owner’s mom

It has been said that “There is no influence so powerful as that of the mother.” This holds true for May Tiburcio De Vera, the hardworking owner of SweetBlooms. She considers her beloved Mom Remy as her biggest inspiration and supporter during the time when she was still discovering her passion for making pastillas. Knowing her genuine love for the craft it wasn’t difficult to pursue her passion.

SweetBlooms was borne out by the owner’s love for Filipino delicacies, her fondness for flowers, and childhood dreams of having her own thriving food business. The confectionery shop has been around for more than a decade now.

Through the years, SweetBlooms has evolved from a pastillas kiosk, into a candy flower shop, a cake shop, a café, and now housed in a headquarter building in Marikina City. It inspires people on diligence and hard work that led the brand to where it is now.

The entrepreneur-pastry chef takes pride in how far she has come and continues to have faith in how far she can go. Success is sweet and sweeter when you have worked hard for it.

The way to a man’s heart

Food as they say is the way to a man's heart, and thus, this was how the owner’s love story came about.

May and her husband Macoy have created a strong bond through the rose pastillas. During the earlier stage in their relationship, May didn’t like giving her boyfriend an ordinary present.

Instead, she made him edible rose pastillas. Her boyfriend was overwhelmed with her efforts, and the more that she was endeared to him. May thought that it was a perfect way to show her love to him.

Needless to say, both her mom and her husband are instrumental in her present successes.

So, don’t let this special occasion passes by without showering your mom with gifts that come from the heart, say it with #SweetBlooms. Share the bloom in all seasons!

To order, contact: 09175073997, 09175139300, (02) 83520051, (02) 75020497. Sweetblooms Marikina is located at 267 J. P. Rizal St., Barangay San Roque, Marikina City.

By Ruby Asoy-Lebajo

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