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Vietura Celebrates Its 11th Anniversary With ‘Beyond Beauty: Age Better, Age Well

Vietura by The Zen Institute recently celebrated its 11th year in the beauty and wellness industry with the theme 'Beyond Beauty: Age Better, Age Well’. The event, supported by their loyal clients, was held in the Davao Room of Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.

The word 'Vietura' comes from the French word 'vie,' meaning life, and 'tura' from the Greek word 'natura,' which pertains to nature. Thus, the goal of Vietura for their clients is to commune with nature.

Vietura prides itself on being one of first institute of its kind in Asia. It stands as one of the leading aesthetic clinics in the metro with a mission to promote beauty and wellness through non-invasive procedures. It has stood the test of time under the leadership of its medical director, Dr. Mary Jane Torres, and her team of experts, but not without its fair share of trials.

The good doctor recounted that Vietura closed its doors for two years during the pandemic. Despite its closure, the beauty and wellness institute did not slack off. It busied itself with COVID testing and tele-consultation. 'The pandemic gave us a chance to give back,' Dr. MJ voiced. When it reopened in 2022, its regular clients came back.

Opening Remarks by Dra MJ Torres Team Sofitel and Vietura

Bones and Joints Wellness Program

Dr. MJ Torres introduced her doctor-son, Dr. Anton, who broke the news of one of Vietura’s latest offering - the bones and joints wellness program. He considers it a significant milestone for their beloved clients with mobility issues, particularly those afflicted with conditions such as arthritis.

'It is with great pride that we introduce this program. Arthritis, a condition that affects millions worldwide in immobility, robbing individuals of their independence and quality of life. As an integral part of this community, we felt it is our responsibility to offer a comprehensive solution to alleviate their suffering and restore their vitality. This is precisely what our new program aims to achieve to free clients from pain and discomfort,' Dr. Anton added. The cutting-edge treatment is the highlight of the program.

Dr. Francesco Antonio Valdecanas launches the Bone Joint Wellness Program exclusively for Vietura. This comprehensive program aims to promote optimal bone and joint health, offering a range of specialized treatments, therapies, and exercises. With Dr. Valdecanas' expertise and dedication, participants can expect improved mobility, reduced pain, and enhanced overall well-being. Join the Bone Joint Wellness Program today and take a step towards a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Exosome Therapy

Soon after, a dear friend of Dr. MJ talked about unlocking the miracles of exosome therapy, a procedure which the institute offers. Exosomes are nanosized extracellular vesicles that stem from the endosomal pathway and have important jobs in intercellular communication. They hold the promise of addressing various medical conditions by promoting tissue repair and regeneration. She gave a word of warning to those present that with the many exosome being offered in the market today, they should be sure that they are FDA registered and that their donors must be young and healthy.


The Beyond Beauty: Age Better, Age Well theme shows how integrative medicine can change our perception of aging and beauty.

Vietura by The Zen Institute is a trusted beauty & wellness institute that specializes in non-invasive anti-aging, detox, and weight loss programs.

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