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7 Impressive Gift Ideas You May Give Your Loved Ones This Yuletide Season (Or All-Year-Round)

Seasons greetings!

We blinked and sneezed, and now we're embarking on the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas! In less than a month, our world will once again be filled with so much joy and love.

This is the season where everyone is generous and forgiving. But wait, am I the only one cramming here? Have you started shopping yet? Well, don't fret, as we will be sharing with you these gift ideas that are sure to be awesome even after the holidays!

7. Planners

Planners are essential. With how everything is fast approaching, at least there are planners to keep us sane. Not only does it keep you organize, but it also allows us to pause, reflect, and think about our next move. Depending on your needs, planners are readily available in bookstores. Otherwise, you may want to check out planners from your favorite coffee shops like Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Starbucks, Coffee Project, just to name a few.

6. Eco-friendly products

Gone are the days when people get disappointed in receiving eco-friendly products such as drinking tumblers, bamboo straws, and more. People are now more mindful as we help combat the linear economy. Thus, giving away environment-friendly products this Yuletide season will help spread awareness in eradicating single-use plastic packaging.

5. Gift Boxes

Say goodbye to gift baskets and say hello to these edible boxes from RINFRESCHI Fine Foods! Each box has different delectable items you can surely enjoy like a bottle of wine, freshly baked artisan bread, cold cuts, and luxurious cheeses! They offer five grazing boxes with prices ranging from as low as P2,500. You can also personalize these boxes! Their Custom Curate Box gives you the freedom to choose what to put inside, notwithstanding, the quality and affordability! Make your first impression count by giving away these grazing boxes by

4. Prepaid Health Cards

Getting sick or hospitalized takes a huge part of our savings, energy, and time. Break the norm and help alleviate stress by giving these prepaid health cards as a gift this Yuletide season. What's good about Philcare's prepaid health cards is its one year validity period. Hopefully, these remarkable and affordable prepaid cards will help alleviate the perennial problem of self-medication. Ultimately, health isn’t valued until sickness comes, so this is an impressive gift to give this Christmas!

3. Organic and Locally-Made Products

The words “organic” and “sustainable” are more than just fad. It’s becoming a way of life. The Yuletide season is also the best time to support small businesses.

Healing Sleep Lotion by Bini Natural Living is a locally-made concoction that helps people who suffer from sleep deprivation. They also sell organic self-care products such as mosquito repellent lotion, massage oils, to name a few. Moreover, Bini founders are dedicated to infusing the lifestyle of the Modern Day Heroes.

If you or your loved ones are wellness advocates, you might want to try giving away this tasty and no preservatives Orange Almond Berries Artisan Butter. This product is organic, lactose-free, french butter from Normandy, France. For Php 600 per 350g tub, you’re sure to enjoy the bursting flavors of orange, almond silvers, Grand Marnier liqueur, and cranberries. Order them here: RINFRESCHI Fine Foods.

2. Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a classic gift to give yet so impressive! Since most gift certificates now don't have expiration dates, gift certificates are instant lifesavers! Everyone loves to receive hotel staycations, restaurants, movie passes, and ultimately, grocery gift certificates! Alternatively, promo codes are also an impressive gift idea!

1. Sophisticated Grazing Table Provider

Christmas is the most anticipated event worldwide. This is when family gatherings are sacred and a must happening. Food is what brings us all together, so stressing over catering-related mishaps should be the least of your worries. Speaking of which, we highly recommend this gem of a grazing table provider in Cavite: RINFRESCHI.

RINFRESCH is the Italian word for “refreshments.” Unbeknownst to everyone, refreshments aren’t about beverages or drinks. It’s also about finger foods like pica-pica. RINFRESCHI is a homegrown brand from the South that aims to provide a delectable and remarkable gastronomic experience for all its patrons. Recognized as the first and authentic provider in Tagaytay of prime cold cuts and luxury cheeses, RINFRESCHI is an absolute star on every occasion.

Developed by pure passion and genuine hospitality innovation, you're assured that RINFRESCHI is the missing piece to your family gatherings! So, take your momentous event to the next level by putting up a sumptuous and glamorous grazing table for your loved ones to enjoy! Be the most generous person this holiday season! Surprise your friends and loved ones by providing a sophisticated grazing table this holiday season! You may contact RINFRESHI at 0977 117 7991 or stay up to date on their recent offerings on their Facebook page:

Remember, that great food fixes everything. Serve your loved ones nothing but good food and genuine happiness this holiday season. Christmas is when people are more generous, kind, and loving. Therefore, take your generosity to the next level with these impressive gift ideas!

These are just a few gift ideas. The best present you’ll ever give and receive is, of course, your presence.

How about you? What are you up to this Yuletide season?

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