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A Home Redefined with Sinclair Makaw Obra

By Cesar Cruz Jr.

As a homeowner who has passionately incorporated all things Filipino into the design of my house, I take immense pride in the way my living space reflects my cultural heritage. My abode is adorned with heirloom furniture, paintings of my children, and relatives, creating an ambiance that resonates with the warmth and love of my Filipino roots.

Making decisions about the aesthetics of your home can truly transform it into a peaceful sanctuary, a creative hub, or an energizing haven. To achieve exceptional interior aesthetics, you need the right tools, and that's where Sinclair Makaw comes in with its innovative line of paint products.

A Painted Dream

The paint line has introduced a unique campaign, Sinclair Makaw Obra, which has a distinct mission - to collaborate with artists and muralists to transform their clients' walls into captivating dreamscapes. Their slogan, "Paint your masterpiece," perfectly encapsulates this mission. This groundbreaking initiative aims to revolutionize the industry by introducing inventive methods for decorative plasters, stucco, and paints.

For me, this endeavor resonates deeply because it could do more than add beauty to my home; it also supports the artistic talents of Filipinos.

A significant step towards realizing this vision was taken on October 9, 2023, at Oriental Palace in Quezon City, where a Memorandum of Understanding was signed. The agreement involved Derrick Tan, the CEO of Magna Prime Chemical Technologies, Inc., and eight exceptionally talented Filipino visual artists: Erwin Griño, Jan Erwin Jabolin, Flores Ednave Mistica, Alfon Casabuena, Tom Alvarado, Reyshane James Tejada, Gary Montenegro, and John Melvin Garcia. These artists were selected not only for their artistic excellence but also for their commitment to ethical values. This campaign's focus extends beyond products; it's about honoring the artists and their unique stories.

While Sinclair Makaw provides a canvas for these artists' creativity, their new line of paints places special emphasis on the artists' personal journeys, challenges, and the stories they aim to convey through their artwork. Sinclair Makaw recognizes that the real masterpiece is not confined to a paint can; it resides in the artistic narratives these talented individuals bring to life on walls and surfaces.

The Grand Debut

I'm eagerly anticipating the grand debut of Sinclair Makaw Obra at PHILCONSTRUCT Manila 2023, scheduled from November 9 to 12, 2023, at three venues: SMX Convention Center Manila, World Trade Center, and its innovative virtual platform. This event is not only the largest in the Philippines but also the longest-running B2B showcase in Southeast Asia for the building and construction industry. It serves as a fitting stage for a company that aims to redefine the boundaries of art and design by seamlessly integrating them with construction and architecture.

For me, this campaign goes beyond the typical concept of paint; it's about the passion, vision, and dreams that artists infuse into their work. Sinclair Makaw Obra is here to brighten the future of its artists and the homes of its clients, one masterpiece at a time. It's an exciting journey that I want to be a part of, as it brings Filipino artistry into my very own living space.

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