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Anne Curtis 4-step skincare routine when traveling

By: Trisha Lopez

During Anne Curtis’ photoshoot with Luxe Organix, she had a bit of time to chat with us about the skincare essentials and products that she never forgets to bring whenever she’s traveling. As we all know, Anne loves to travel the world with her family and friends. She also gets to travel because of her work and the industry she’s in so leaving the house is really a part of her daily routine.

When I asked her “What skincare essentials do you prioritize to bring whenever you’re traveling?”, she answered, her top priority was a really good facial wash, a toner, a well-formulated serum especially when you were out-and-about under the sun and a high SPF sunscreen.

During the interview at Luxe Organix’ shoot, she also shared that she prioritizes skincare and her routine because it’s an investment. It’s an investment to yourself and it’s a way to show that you value yourself. She also shared that Luxe Organix’ products really work for her and before saying yes to partner and work with the brand, she really had to try it first and see if it would be effective to her skin and bring amazing results. And Luxe Organix’ products did just that!

Anne mentioned that despite the busy schedule that she and all of us have, her advice was let’s not forget to take care of ourselves. Even just for 15 minutes a day, doing skincare and something that you really love can help your well being mentally and physically.

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