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Aqua Skin: Sharing Success Through Beauty and Wellness

Since its launch in 2020, when most businesses in the world are being challenged, Aqua Skin has been successfully releasing one beauty product after the other – providing its Filipino customers with beauty solutions that they can afford without sacrificing their health and beauty.

Through the genuine mind and perseverance of its founder, Mr. Jeffrey Amurao Geronimo, Aqua Skin has brought a new level of beauty regimens to the market that carries patented and trademarked ingredients that are suited to different customers around the globe. With its originally formulated products, Aqua Skin is set to strengthen its position in the market with more products readily available to everyone.

“Image and integrity play a vital role in our products that’s why here at Aqua Skin, we want to make sure that all our products have been tested and marked safe to use by people to help them boost their confidence as well as their beauty, inside and out,” Mr. Geronimo shared.

Pinoy Pride and Beauty

With many mass-produced beauty products available in the market, Aqua Skin is determined to provide the best product available using a safe and environment-friendly formulations that are perfect for a tropical climate like the Philippines. Since its successful launch of Amino Collagen in 2020, Aqua Skin has been put on the radar of health and wellness enthusiasts due to its stylish yet practical products.

“We take pride in our products, not only because they are effective but we also make sure that they are more affordable for every Filipino customer to enjoy. Aside from that, we are continuously innovating new products that can provide the best care and beauty to our growing customers here and abroad,” he added.

Providing not just beauty and wellness, Aqua Skin has also been a helpful tool to many young and new entrepreneurs, especially during the height of the pandemic. Carrying the limitless and resilient features of water, Aqua Skin made sure that its product will be beneficial not only to its users but also to its entrepreneur partners who wish to grow with the brand.

“With our products continuously expanding, I’m glad to share that Aqua Skin is currently housing 45 mega distributors and around 350 wholesalers and resellers around the globe. I always believe that whatever successes we’re reaping are all because of the communities that we’re serving and because of our partners who are continuously spreading the good feedback about our products,” he mentioned.

The New Beauty Authority

Following the successful launch of its brand and Amino Collagen, Aqua Skin recently released in the market its very own oral sunblock – a first in the Philippines with patented plant-based Polypodium Leucotomos as its main ingredient.

Internationally manufactured in Japan, the Aqua Skin Oral Sunblock is set to provide a new level of protection to Filipinos with fewer side effects and more convenience. With 500mg of polypodium leucotomos – the highest dosage of sun protection available on the market – Aqua Skin Oral Sunblock aims to provide ultimate sun protection for everyone. Eliminating that sticky feeling, downtime, and possible skin irritation, Aqua Skin Oral Sunblock promises fast absorption by our body with lesser side effects since it is plant-based and made to provide further convenience since you need to take a capsule of it at least once a day. Its systematic formulation guarantees full protection under the sun the whole day with a bottle containing 60 capsules.

“Aqua Skin products are inspired by various Japanese beauty regimens, which have been renowned for their affordability and effectiveness. Aqua Skin products are made to improve beauty and wellness flaunting Japan's finest ingredients,” he concluded.

Aqua Skin carries Japan Ministry Certification, approved by the Food and Drug Authority of the Philippines, with CPR and NN, as well as certified halal, HACCP, GMP, and SGS. Aqua Skin’s main office in the Philippines is located in Angeles City, Pampanga. For more info, updates, and promos, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube.

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