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BEXCS Expands into Asia, Tapping into Growing Market

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Mr. Rodel Rubio – Executive Vice-President of BEXCS Logistic Solutions Inc., Mr. David Huang – Director & CEO of metaGod Holding, Mr. Eric Wai – Chairman of metaGod Holding, Ms. Marjorey Rubio – Chairman/Founder of BEXCS Logistic Solutions Inc., Chairman/Founder of BEXCS Franchise Solutions Inc., Chairman/Founder of BEXCS Worldwide Solutions Inc., Chairman/Founder of BEXCS International Limited (HK), Chairman/Founder of BEXCS Worldwide Consumer Goods Trading, Mr. Jassim Mohamed Ahmed Saif - Managing Director/ Owner Pk One General Trading LLC and Ms. Reysan Jaramillo - Over all Manager Pk One General Trading LLC, Sarah Skin Brand owner.

BEXCS, a prominent logistics company, is pleased to announce its expansion into the international market, beginning with Asia. This strategic move aims to solidify BEXCS’ presence in the global logistics industry and capitalize on the flourishing Asian market. With the recent establishment of BEXCS International, the company is well-positioned to offer its expertise and services to clients in Asia.

BEXCS International will primarily focus on sectors such as overseas workers, new energy, clean energy, and the health industry, providing efficient logistics solutions for the transportation of goods. By forging partnerships with local entrepreneurs and businesses in Asia, BEXCS International intends to facilitate trade and commerce by offering seamless logistics services.

Through these collaborations, the company can provide tailored import and export solutions that cater to the specific requirements of its clients. One of the key advantages of BEXCS International is its ability to act as a master consolidator, eliminating the need for clients to wait for shipping vessels to be fully loaded before transporting their goods. This allows for timely and cost-effective transportation services, enabling clients to save both time and money.

Ms. Marjorey Rubio, Founder BEXCS International, emphasized the significance of partnerships and the company’s unique approach to international logistics. “By partnering with local entrepreneurs eager to expand into the international market, we can facilitate trade and commerce more efficiently, enabling our clients to seamlessly import and export goods.” The expansion into the Asian market, beginning with Hong Kong, marks a significant milestone for BEXCS International. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and a dedication to excellence, BEXCS International is poised to become a trusted logistics partner in Asia.

BEXCS International’s new headquarters is located in Hong Kong and it operates as a separate entity under the BEXCS brand.

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