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BK Rivera: Meeting Cavite’s Young CEO

By Alex De Vera Dizon

Over the past couple of years, the world has seen a growing trend of young entrepreneurs who are displaying unique entrepreneurial skills at an early age. While some continue to enjoy their youth seeking adventures and gaining friends, BK Rivera, a 28-year-old guy from General Trias, Cavite, has started venturing into his own business through the e-commerce-enabler platform, Seller’s Hub. Armed with his interest in technology and commerce, this young and budding CEO is setting a new standard of leadership that can serve as inspiration to other entrepreneurs not only in the Philippines but in the whole world.

In a casual talk over lunch with BK at Kingsford Hotel in Paranaque, BK shared with us his story on how he came up with Seller’s Hub, and how he envisioned his business to grow and nurture more young entrepreneurs in the provincial City of General Trias while staying focused on his commitment of being an “IDOL”.

A Budding Leader

At a very young age, BK has been following in the footsteps of her mom in their construction business. Being the ‘little chaperon’ in all of his mom’s meetings, BK grew up in an environment where dealing with people and building businesses and lives have been a natural course of trade and discussions.

“My mother was the one who taught me how to do business. Coming from a family where my Dad is a military man and my Mom is a licensed Civil Engineer in the construction business, I grew up having that discipline and inspiration at the same time. At a very young age, I displayed an interest in selling products such as chocolates, ice candy, and even local longganisa. Through these experiences, I’ve managed to know that path that I want to take in life hence the creation of Seller’s Hub,” BK shared.

Carrying the ideals of an “IDOL” or Integrity, Driven, Ownership, and Learner as how BK would like to join it, this young Caviteno has managed to grow and transform his eagerness and positivity through the launch of his brand of market space that helps other entrepreneurs who are seeking a good space to promote and sell their products. With three staff under his wings in 2017, Seller’s Hub has grown exponentially in manpower and income as it concentrates on trending products that can be sold online.

“Transparency plays a vital role in our company. I strongly believe that when people see how the business works and how they can seize their opportunity to grow with it, they’ll be more determined to push for the best and help everyone grows together,” BK added.

Safe Environment for Beginners

“I take pride in my people, not only because they provide me with things and income that we need to grow, but more so the majority of them are hardworking, young individuals that serve as a testament that even if you are not college graduate or you are just at beginning your career, you can excel in your chosen field as long as you have the determination and drive to do so,” BK brimming shared.

After graduating from Lyceum University in Cavite, BK started his professional career through marketing and networking where he was able to develop communication skills and strategy that serve as the foundation of his business today. At an early age, BK already got his inspiration from different companies in Silicon Valley, USA that serves as the backbone of many e-commerce businesses around the planet.

To be a part of Seller’s Hub, one must possess these 3 C’s: Character, Competency, and Chemistry. Armed with the IDOL ideals, which are the DNA of the company regardless of educational background, Seller’s Hub's success depends on the unique ability of each member while being able to collaborate with other members at the same time.

“Though there’s a hierarchy in the company, I want my people to feel that we are all equal and that they have to opportunity to earn more than what they are getting. I want them to have this sense of ownership, which is at the DNA and core values of Seller’s Hub,” BK enumerated.

Seller’s Hub offers weekly learning lessons to all of its people to further enhance their strategy in capturing more traffic, as well as further helping new brands to establish their names in the e-commerce market. With numerous incentives hanging like low fruits to all of its staff, Seller’s Hub gears toward a capability over capacity mindset all through its operation.

“In a company where there’s high transparency, high execution is expected from everyone. With everyone getting to know the expected income of one another, they become more eager in pushing for their best and creating new milestones not just for themselves but for the whole company,” BK explained.

Towards a Bigger and Wider Horizon

Coming from a PHP10,000 capital in 2017, Seller’s Hub displayed exponential growth over the past couple of years due to the robust transition of the market to online platforms. With its continuously growing inventory of products from food, drinks, and well-being product, Seller’s Hub remains committed to becoming one of the known e-com enablers inside giant e-com platforms such as Shopee and Lazada.

“The market is already saturated with various e-commerce platforms that tend to confuse customers. Our goal in Seller’s Hub is not just to grow as a company but to bring other local entrepreneurs to the global market where we will serve as their partner. We want to be known as one of the pillars or e-com enablers in the Philippines that cultivate the network provided by these giant e-com platforms.,” BK exemplified.

While e-commerce remains a strong part of Filipino lives now despite the relaxed provision of going out, Seller’s Hub is still bullish on the idea of providing unique products to its customers without the worry and hassle of falling victim to fraudulent shops online.

“We always make sure that our customers will have the very best experience they have when shopping on our platform. Aside from unique and affordable finds, we assure them of the quality and timely delivery of their orders to give them peace of mind and enjoyment. On the business side, we maintain the preparedness that we learned over the years, and make sure that our cash reserve can cover us if another challenge comes our way,” BK added.

BK ended our conversion by sharing his Triple-A: Alignment, Agreement, and Accountability. “Alignment creates growth, growth creates misalignment, misalignment ignites realignment.”

Seller’s Hub, Inc. is set to expand its product portfolio and pool of talent across the country. You may visit to get the latest updates and information about Seller’s Hub. BK Rivera is also active on various social media platforms including Facebook and Tiktok, where he shares his leadership thoughts and ideals that can inspire entrepreneur around the world.

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