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Brittany Hotel Unveils 3-Foot-Tall Croquembouche to Kick Off Christmas Season

By: Cesar Cruz

From left to right: Mr. Marvin Estigoy, Ms. Armina O. Mangune - Group Director of Marketing Communications, Mr. Cesar Cruz, Ms. Mindy Santiago-Ignacio - Group Director of Sales and Events.

In a departure from the conventional Christmas tree lighting events that grace the lobbies of most hotels during the holiday season, Brittany Hotel opted for a more subtle and sophisticated approach to commence the festive celebrations. Unlike the usual towering and glowing Christmas trees that dominate hotel entrances, Brittany Hotel embraced a unique concept for its holiday kickoff.

Eschewing the traditional adornment of a towering Christmas tree in the lobby, Brittany Hotel strategically placed poinsettia plants to subtly hint at the onset of the Christmas season. This understated yet elegant touch set the stage for a distinctive holiday experience, deviating from the commonplace festivities.

In the enchanting realm of delectable French pastries, Brittany Hotel went above and beyond by introducing a confection that not only stood tall in stature but also dazzled the taste buds—the illustrious Croquembouche. Last December 6, 2023, this upscale boutique hotel, known for its commitment to excellence in accommodation and culinary arts, unveiled a spectacular 3-foot-tall Croquembouche at Origine, its Spanish restaurant.

The event, aptly named Merry Brittany, transformed a regular evening into a mesmerizing celebration of merriment and holiday cheer. The Croquembouche, a symbol of indulgence and celebration in French culture, took center stage as the centerpiece of the official Christmas season launch at Brittany Hotel.

Crafted with precision and skill by the talented pastry chefs, each layer of the Croquembouche boasted a delightful combination of puff pastry, cream, and caramelized sugar. The golden caramelized exterior added an extra touch of elegance and festivity, making it a visual and gustatory spectacle that stole the show.

This towering Croquembouche, with its impressive height and intricate design, symbolized Brittany Hotel's dedication to culinary excellence. The festive evening treated guests to a culinary journey of unparalleled sweetness, captivating them with the grandeur of the creation and setting the tone for the holiday season.

As the aroma of freshly baked pastries filled the air, and the atmosphere resonated with laughter and warmth, the unveiling of the 3-foot-tall Croquembouche marked the beginning of a magical season at Brittany Hotel BGC. In a delightful blend of tradition, innovation, and the spirit of the season, this event proved to be a perfect way to kick off the holidays with a touch of sweetness and sophistication—an experience that transcended the boundaries of the ordinary and embraced the extraordinary.


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