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BUILDRITE: CEO Derrick Tan Elevates Construction with Waterproofing and Educational Excellence

By. Cesar Cruz Jr.

Magna Prime Chemical Technologies Inc. CEO - Derrick Tan, UAP President - Arch. Richard Garcia

Magna Prime Chemical Technologies, Inc. CEO Derrick Tan takes center stage at PHILCONSTRUCT 2023, addressing urgent concerns in the construction industry by emphasizing the critical importance of waterproofing. In response to these challenges, Tan unveils a groundbreaking initiative – the Buildrite Academy – aimed at providing comprehensive training and bridging the skill gap among aspiring contractors. Scheduled to open in Sta. Maria, Bulacan, in 2024, the academy pledges to instill industry standards, potentially adopting international benchmarks to enhance the overall quality and safety of construction practices in the Philippines. Tan expresses optimism about TESDA accreditation, solidifying the academy's position as a reputable institution for construction training.

Simultaneously, Buildrite launches the BLOCKOUT Expert Solutions for Wet Areas, introducing the Geo-Textile Waterproofing Membrane designed for superior surface waterproofing. The product line, addressing diverse needs with offerings like Blockout 40 membrane, Drainage Sheet for roof gardens, and polyurethane waterproofing products, showcases Buildrite's commitment to versatility and effectiveness in construction solutions.

CEO Derrick Tan expresses excitement about these innovations, calling them the trailblazers for the industry in the coming years. The positive reception of Buildrite products, including the anticipated Sinclair Makaw paint, reflects the company's dedication to innovation.

Without a doubt, Derrick Tan's leadership demonstrates Buildrite's commitment to overcoming industry challenges, fostering skill development, and raising construction standards in the Philippines. With the Buildrite Academy and BLOCKOUT Expert Solutions for Wet Areas, the company is positioned to leave a lasting impact on the future of construction in the country.

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