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Cook your way to greatness with Enchanted Kingdom’s Kiddie Chef Challenge 2020

It’s time to give your little ones a break from their usual home activities and let them discover the joys of cooking! Unleash the little chef in your kids and join Enchanted Kingdom’s Kiddie Chef Challenge 2020: Recipes from Home Edition! Prepare their aprons, gather all the cookery essentials, and get ready for a virtual cooking challenge!

This fun online challenge is open to all aspiring little chefs ages 4-12 years old who want to show off their incredible culinary skills. Share your kids’ food entry until August 11, 2020 using Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog, SPAM Luncheon Meat and/or Magnolia products inspired by one of EK’s seven themed zones (you may check out our official website for info on EK’s zones

Terms and Conditions:

1. Like Enchanted Kingdom’s official Facebook page.

2. All entries must have the following:

- Complete recipe (including the participating products used)

- Photo collage of the finished dish with participant’s photo while cooking

3. Post the photo at EK Kiddie Chef Challenge FB post’s comment section.

4. Use the hashtags: #EKKiddieChef, #iloveEK and #EKatHome.

Winners will be announced on August 14, 2020 and will receive four (4) Regular Day Passes each plus a special gift basket from EK partners.

Enchanted Kingdom is excited to see your kids’ tasteful treats and mouth-watering creations! Come and join in the culinary fun!

For more information, visit Enchanted Kingdom’s official website and Facebook page at and

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