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DDC Land, Inc’ Garden Villas Tanza: Setting Trend for the Environment

The pandemic has changed the way people live their lives. Now, that most of us are staying at home - whether owned or rented – they can’t help but to aspire for better living space not just for themselves but also for their loved ones. That’s why at DDC Land, Inc., they are creating living spaces not just for families but also for individuals who are looking for affordable, livable and eco-friendly housing units to build their dream home.

“We are committed in educating more Filipinos by providing them better options and motivations on the benefits of owning a home. We want to be the trendsetter of valuable vertical living that appeals and caters to the changing needs of the consumers while taking into consideration spaces for new- discovered hobbies and family time." DDC Land, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer Engr. Edna Sutter said.

DDC Land has been in the industry for 30 years now promoting valued affordable housing through its projects located in the progressive provincial cities of Laguna and Cavite. Through its commitment of “Building Homes for Life”, DDC Land now offers its newest project in the fast-rising municipality of Tanza in Cavite highlighting innovative use of space without compromising other important factors in life – the Garden Villas Tanza.

“What we do in DDC Land is we always study the needs and wants of the buyers. The pandemic has brought out the creative and nature-loving attitudes of most people, and we, want to nourish those ideas. We don't only sell house and lots - we sell dreams. In all of our projects, we take into consideration the mindset of being the dream-home maker that provides for Filipino families to prosper and nourish together,” Engr. Sutter added.

Green Living, Sustainable Lifestyle

In the Philippines, DDC Land takes pride for being the only known established developer that offers housing units that have provisions for third floor. This idea alone sets the Company apart from other developers and created a huge difference in the affordable housing segment in the market.

DDC Land’s latest project, The Garden Villas Tanza, offers modern design homes with provision for vertical expansions. Taking into consideration the effect of housing developments to the environment, DDC Land also promotes the use of eco-building that uses eco blocks, which are made out of pulverized plastics, thus contributing to the welfare of the environment.

DDC Land also created a new and modern way of saving electric consumption in its latest project through the installation of electrical technology that cleanses the electricity that flows into individual residential units. This technology takes away the impurities providing cleaner electricity, which results to lower energy consumption.

“With these features, even those who can afford higher priced housing projects are now attracted and decided to settle down into DDC Land developments, capitalize. Our products are truly made to give better value to Filipino families’ hard-earned money. DDC Land also provide a green ambiance to the community by planting trees for every home and planting along the roads, which are beyond standards of subdivision developments and encompassing the Filipino Ingenuity and Swiss Quality combined.

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