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Diamond Hotel's Yurakuen awarded Saga-gyu Certification

Experience a dining oasis that is authentically Japanese at Yurakuen, Diamond Hotel’s award-winning restaurant. Yurakuen is the Japanese word for paradise and true to its name, the restaurant is a culinary haven for all things deliciously Japanese.

The Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant of Diamond Hotel Philippines was recently awarded an official Saga-gyu (Saga Japanese Wagyu) plaque. JA-Saga, agricultural cooperation in Saga, Japan, awards and lists its official restaurants which support its main product, Saga-gyu, Saga Japanese Wagyu. Only those who passed certain screenings after their application can receive the official JA-Saga plaque and the certificate. T9 (central Union of JA) handed over the plaque and the certificate to Diamond Hotel’s general manager Vanessa Ledesma Suatengco, and food and beverage manager Grace Mercado. Yurakuen restaurant has been serving Saga Japanese Wagyu for several years and continues to use the brand for its wagyu dishes on the menu.

Upon entering the restaurant, guests are welcomed by kimono-clad food attendants who will lead them to a marble-floored corridor, past the Yakiniku Room, glassed-in Teppanyaki Rooms, private rooms, across a small bridge over a pond of flowing water and colored glass marbles, and through a tall elegant brass and gold honeycomb door going to the main dining area.

As you step into the 70-seater main dining room, marvel at the three-story high floor-to-ceiling glass windows showcasing a rock garden teeming with lush tropical plants. At the center is Yurakuen’s iconic glass cherry blossom tree, surrounded by shorter trees, which provide a canopy over multi-colored marble-inlay dining tables and add a surreal quality to the restaurant’s ambiance. If you look out further to your left, you will gaze upon tall palm trees and the famed Manila Bay.

Keeping up with this aesthetics is Yurakuen's delectable and extensive menu. From the staple sushi, maki, and sashimi, the most succulent meat, beef, and seafood dishes, and up to luscious desserts, Yurakuen brings to its customers the most comprehensive Japanese dining experience.

At the Yakiniku Room, diners are treated to a unique interactive dining experience as they grill their choice of fresh meat, seafood, and vegetables. Select from a variety of meats and seafood such as salmon, cuttlefish, prawns, pork loin, chicken, beef tongue, and beef galbi, or try the most premium beef of all – the wagyu beef sirloin. Meats and vegetables are served in bite-sized pieces for the guests' ease. Diners have also presented a menu with an array of delicious soups, salads, side dishes, and a la carte dishes for a complete and satisfying Yakiniku meal.

Yurakuen carries a highly sophisticated grill and ventilation system. The Yakiniku Room, which can hold up to 20 patrons, also boasts state-of-the-art vents that provide fresh and clean air to diners even while grilling their food, ensuring a smoke-free meal for each guest.

If you prefer your meal prepared before your very eyes, there are four Teppanyaki tables available, each can accommodate up to a maximum of 8 people. Guests can sit back, relax and be dazzled by a flare-filled presentation of a skilled master chef, and ultimately feast on a superb Japanese repast grilled to perfection.

For meetings, intimate gatherings, or similar occasions, the restaurant also has two existing private rooms decorated in traditional Japanese interiors adorned with art pieces and pottery. The Yuri room on the ground floor can accommodate up to seven persons, while the Sakura room is located on the mezzanine floor and has the capacity for ten persons.

Japanese cuisine has carved a mark on the Filipinos' palate. And at Yurakuen, even guests with the most discriminating tastes will leave the table saying gochisôsama deshita – it was a feast.

Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant is located on the ground floor of Diamond Hotel Philippines and is open daily from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.

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