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Discover Your Prettiest Version

Self-care today is one of the top priorities when it comes to investing in yourself. It’s no longer known only as luxury but as a need as well. Showing yourself love would definitely reflect how you see the world and how the universe will treat you. It’s the vibe and energy as they say. You’ll appreciate the things around you more when you know how to treat yourself right.

Recently, The Pretty You revealed an outlet of its lasting beauty that you’ll love in Pasig City.

Pasig is a city where residential and commercial establishments are thriving. Featuring its business centers, schools, famous restaurants and their remarkable developments. It’s really strategic to put up a business here. Whether you’re commuting or you have a private vehicle, everything seems to be accessible. Public transportation is present and private parking slots are seen on most establishments.

The Pretty You launched its newest branch in JNCV Building, Pasig Blvd., Pasig City. From the interior design of the waiting area to the cleanliness of each treatment room, you’ll surely feel like a VIP here.

When I visited the clinic, honestly, I could spend the whole day there. The staff were so nice and accommodating and you’ll feel 100% safe when getting treatments here because the owner is a licensed aesthetician with years of experience in the industry.

Visit The Pretty You in Pasig soon and bring out the prettiest version of you.

The Pretty You is open for expansion and business partners. Please visit their website for more details.

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