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Do Not Miss These Best Locations for Taiwan’s Pink Cherry Blossom Season

Spring has come to the doorsteps, and every February Taiwan is enchanted with pink power! The pink dotted red cherry blossoms bring the touch of spring season to Taiwan. In breeze, the rain of cherry blossom has made itself a feature of one of the many flower appreciation activities. Captivating seasonal sights are also inviting enthusiasts to take gorgeous pictures. As a flower lover, you certainly cannot miss the chance to check-in with floral photos.

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (FACV), one of the amusement parks in Taiwan, is preparing its cherry blossom season in the coming February! In the daytime, enjoy the fun attractions in the park, the authentic aboriginal gourmets, and the full blossom of weeping cherry, Jiuzu Baichongying, Yoshino cherry, and Fuji cherry throughout. In the night time, there is the amazing season limited Taiwan’s No. 1 “night cherry blossom”! FACV has obtained Japan Sakuranokai’s “excellent cherry blossom appreciation location” certificate, sharing the honor with Japan top 100 cherry blossom appreciation locations. Save a flight to Japan and indulge in the stunning forest of cherry blossom in Taiwan.

Wuling Farm is welcoming the one-month floral season in February as well. Kilometers of ravishing blossom include Wuling’s exclusive “Pink Lady”, original Taiwan Cherry, Wusheh Cherry, Japanese Showa cherry and 10 more other types of cherry blossoms. The Farm designated cherry blossom paths weaved in red and pink provide the best way to enjoy the magnificent scene.

In Ali Mountain, the full blossom takes place in March and April. Dominated by Yoshino cherry blossom transplanted during Japanese Ruled Era, its pastel flowers are like snow when full blossom in spring. The falling of the flowers is like “rain in the March”, mesmerizing and enchanting.

It is time to plan your Taiwan trip for the cherry blossom! For more events, please visit Taiwan Tourism Bureau website or Come and enjoy the wonderful travel experiences!

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