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Dra. MJ Torres Reveals the Key Elements Behind Her Vibrant Way of Living

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

By Kuku Samson

Can one indeed have it all in life? In a world where the demands of the daily grind often overshadow self-care, we find inspiration in individuals who manage to maintain a perfect harmony between their career, personal life, and skin's radiance. Meet the illustrious Dra. MJ Torres of Ultrablock and The Zen Institute, who graciously shares her daily routine, passion, and her latest innovation.

Ever wondered how a multifaceted individual like Dra. MJ Torres keeps the balance? It all starts with a vigorous workout, lasting 30 to 45 minutes. Whether it's a brisk run around her neighborhood, a treadmill session at home, or dedicated time at the gym, she believes that mornings are the most magical part of the day. Following her workout, she briefly visits the head office to check in and align with her team, preparing herself to dive into her passion – greeting and treating her clients.

When asked how she manages her demanding schedule at the clinic, she simply states that "finding time for everything is the key."

In her free time, Dra. MJ Torres cherishes moments spent with her children, friends, and loved ones, making sure she also finds time for outdoor activities. Her vibrant life revolves around bonding with her loved ones and exploring the great outdoors.

The Secret Behind Her Glowing Skin

Despite her busy schedule, Dra. MJ Torres exudes a natural radiance that doesn't go unnoticed. Her secret? She practices what she preaches by following a daily skincare regimen, incorporating skin treatments, and indulging in a rejuvenating drip once a week.

Dra. MJ Torres' outdoor hobby, scuba diving, led her on a quest for the perfect sunblock. Her need for a product that offered effective skin protection while allowing her to clear her scuba diving mask without causing eye irritation resulted in the creation of Ultrablock. It took time, dedication, and thorough research and development to perfect the formulation.

Ultrablock provides immediate protection, thanks to the inclusion of titanium dioxide, a physical sunblock. Notably, there's no need to wait for a 30-minute period before sun exposure. Additionally, Ultrablock ensures hydration through the use of aloe vera, preventing skin dehydration and sunburn. Moreover, it offers skin rejuvenation benefits with the presence of alpha-tocopherol, effectively repairing sun-damaged skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, making it an essential daily choice for addressing the signs of aging.

With an impressive SPF rating of 70, Ultrablock offers superior protection without the potential discomfort associated with higher SPF levels like SPF 100. This not only protects your skin but also provides additional skincare benefits.

Its differentiating factor lies in the harmonious blend of ingredients that provide both skincare and sun protection. This unique combination ensures that your skin remains radiant even under the sun's harsh rays, setting Ultrablock apart from the competition.

Furthermore, Dra. MJ Torres offers expert skincare advice, emphasizing the importance of getting to know your skin with the guidance of skin specialists to find the right product that suits your skin. Simultaneously, she highlights the significance of understanding the product you use to ensure it meets your skin's specific needs.

Dra. MJ Torres serves as an inspiring figure with a life dedicated to passion, family, and maintaining a youthful complexion. Her unwavering commitment to wellness and innovative skincare solutions serves as an inspiration to all who seek to achieve both healthy and radiant skin.

The amazing product is readily available at the Zen/Vietura Clinic. Moreover, you can conveniently purchase it through their social media channels on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. For those who prefer online shopping, Ultrablock is also available on popular e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee.

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