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Dr. Vice Firmalo: Keeping up with the fast-paced developments in beauty and anti-aging

Updated: May 25, 2023

Anti-aging procedures are now as common as any regimen. Gone are the days when gossip seemed endless about women who had face lifts or nose jobs.

Nowadays, beauty enhancements are no longer exclusive to the elite. Procedures have become more affordable. Beauty-conscious individuals across all social classes can have a nose job, botox or bust lift, if they wish. Numerous clinics and centers have sprouted all over the cities, and getting a nose job is now as simple as getting a haircut or a massage.

The encouraging response to enhancement procedures has kept clinicians like Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon Dr. Vice Firmalo very busy. Firmalo Plastic Surgery surgeon in Centuria, Medical Makati Dr. Vice cites the unique approach of Filipinos towards anti-aging procedures.

“ They are very emotional. Patients pick their doctors because they ‘feel’ he or she will do a good job. You hear lines like “Feel ko siya" or "Type ko sya nakakatawa siya" , or magaan loob ko sa kanya" or "kasi siya ang doctor ng idol ko”. This is so common now because of social media. If a person has more followers then he or she is more competent. That is the reality we have,” he said.

As procedures become more accessible and affordable, physicians are challenged to constantly keep abreast with the latest treatments to meet the demands of the growing market. Dr. Vice, one of Key Opinion Leaders of Definisse Fillers of A. Menarini Philippines, was at the Paris IMCAS convention, early this year. This is one of the largest international exhibitions as it features the advancements in dermatology, plastic surgery and aging science.

The latest products and procedures in the aesthetic industry are often unveiled at the IMCAS convention. “It is treated like a master class in aging science. Thousands of practitioners from all over the world attend and participate every year. The convention hosts several lectures and actual demonstrations of the latest procedures and technology. It is where new products and procedures are introduced. If there are practitioners or organizations you wish to collaborate with practitioners from different countries, IMCAS is the best event.

Dr. Firmalo attended IMCAS and met with other plastic surgeons and also experts from other countries in dermal fillers, gel-like substances injected in the skin to restore lost volume, smooth lines, soften creases, and enhance facial contours. Clients can look younger without surgery or downtime.

“ I have been injecting fillers for more than a decade, and with the advancements in anti-aging there is still always something new to learn, there are always new developments. I make sure to attend and participate in national and international conferences on fillers injections so I am aware of these important developments. Since I participated at the IMCAS convention in Paris early this year, the clinic can now plan for new procedures that we can offer for our clients.”

The growing appreciation for beauty enhancements has certainly paved the way for more advanced treatments and procedures without going under the knife. “There are now several minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures that can make everyone look good without pain. Botulinum toxin and soft tissue fillers for example are now very common.”

Dr. Firmalo also emphasized that the future is on stem cells. And while it has yet to gain local acceptance, he cites the development in Germany, where stem cells are being replicated to treat Injuries and improve the performance of affected organs. Also gaining momentum are gene-based treatments. There are medications which target the genes to take effect. In the future, becoming beautiful may be possible by targeting your genes.

As science continues to pave the way for more advanced developments, Dr. Vice gears up for a wider range of anti-aging treatments that are less invasive, painless, and budget-friendly.

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