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Enchanted Kingdom Fosters the Magic of Diversity and Inclusion

For over two decades, the premier and leading wholesome destination for fun and leisure in the Philippines, Enchanted Kingdom continuously delivers on its commitment to be a place that welcomes all guests providing magical experiences that will surely last a lifetime.


With the increasing demand to provide for a safe open-air environment, wholesome family entertainment, and an invigorating experience that is good for mental and physical well-being for all guests of all ages and those with special needs, Enchanted Kingdom will officially launch its Diversity and Inclusion program to ensure that all of EK’s offerings welcome all.

In partnership with Geiser-Maclang Communications Inc. (GMCI), an established communications and marketing agency in the country, Enchanted Kingdom officially launches a mission project called Dream N Inspire (DNI), which aims to provide opportunities to special families in making their dreams come true by giving them magical EKperiences at the Park.


“As we imitate Christ and have HIM in our hearts and care for people through God’s eyes, we dream and inspire with love and joy for the person God wants us and others to be,” EK Chief Operating Office Dr. Cynthia R. Mamon said in a statement.


For Enchanted Kingdom, inclusive and diverse spaces are imperative rejoinder to accommodate unique individuals from all kinds of backgrounds in society as efficiently and effectively as possible, regardless of age, gender, experience, and capability. As a world-class and family-oriented theme park, Enchanted Kingdom vows to uphold diversity and inclusion as part of its core values to bring positive impact to its employees, guests, partners and clients, and the community.

To get more information on promos and ticket reservations and bookings, please visit Enchanted Kingdom’s official website, Online store  or official Facebook page

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