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Experience the Amazing Journey of Life in PhildizWorld

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

CEO, entrepreneur, dreamer, explorer, single parent, wellness advocate, and photo artist Phil Dizon takes you to a different dimension as PhildizWorld goes on national TV and launches globally on YouTube.

PhildizWorld is about the awesome and wonderful experiences this world can offer! The site explores some of the world's rich cultures, spectacular people, jaw-dropping views and mouth-watering flavours, in high definition digital landscape.

One of the episodes featured Bali, Indonesia with digital nomad and YouTuber Nienke. Experiencing the great natural resources of Bali with its rich history and world-famous tourist spots, Nienke shared her views on love, adventure, and finding the right person.

Another episode showcased Hong Kong and an interview with artist John Malig, who is well-known and respected in many fields. He shared his take on the culture, his craft, and the fabulous world of artistry in Hong Kong.

Some of Phil’s portfolio is featured on the Art and Photography page. Through his unique lens, he captures the best of art, lifestyle, and travel.

On the Blog page is PhildizWorld Chronicles where guests and friends of Phil from all over the globe share their unique perspectives on anything and everything under the sun.

Catch these one-of-a-kind adventures and more at

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