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Flavorful excitement in Las Casas Quezon City

Las Casas, QC reopens its door in the new normal with a range of flavors and excitement. Nestled in the heart of Quezon City, the dining and events space combine contemporary and innovative dining experiences. Food savvy will be treated to a diverse array of culinary delights this season.

Street Food Fiesta

The street food scene is an integral part of the Filipino culinary culture. Las Casas, QC brings the tasty flavors of street food of the region. The Street Food Fiesta of Las Casas, QC features the popular street food fare under one roof.

The choices are endless from pork barbecue, tenga ng baboy, chicken feet, jumbo hotdog, isaw isaw, kikiam, chicken balls, kwek kwek, squid ball, and fried siomai. Guests are also treated to Filipino desserts like turon, maruya, sapin sapin, pichi pichi, kutsinta, and biko sa latik. You can enjoy their own Gabi ice cream and other sorbetes, sago’t gulaman, and buko juice.

Street food fiesta in Las Casas, QC is available every weekend, 11 AM to 8 PM.

Sunday Buffet

The Sunday Buffet enthralls visitors with the delectable spread for all ages. The buffet begins with bread, soup, and salad stations. Cold cuts and appetizers in the cold stations feature artisanal cheese, fresh goat and swiss cheese, blue pepato, assorted nuts, dried fruits, grapes, and fresh strawberry. Wraps choices vary from chicken, beef, and vegetable.

Must-try is the Filipino dishes like Pakbet con Lechon, Chopsuey, Mongo Bagnet, Menudo sa Puti, and Short Ribs Kare Kare. Head over to the meat carving station for Peri-Peri Lechon Belly and Smoked Beef Ribs. The seafood live station brings a fresh bounty of shrimps, crabs,

mussels, clams, and local scallops. Choose from spaghetti, fettuccine, penne in the Pasta station and check the Pizza station for pepperoni, margarita, and seafood pizza.

Not to be missed are the sweet wonders in Dessert station featuring local kakanin like maja, kutsinta, cassava, puto quezo; chocolate mousse with cherries, Crème Brulee with mixed berries, strawberry shortcake, dark chocolate mousse with Grand Marnier and a variety of cakes. Chill out in Sorbetes station and load up on ube, vanilla, mango, and their very own gabi ice cream.

Sunday Buffet is available every Sunday, 11 AM - 2 PM and 5:30 PM-9 PM.

Chef’s Specials

Las Casas, QC dishes out a four-course meal crafted by its Executive Chef that is bound to satisfy every meticulous taste.

For the month of October, the Chef’s specials start at Php 3,000 per head. The special menu includes an appetizer of garlic poached scallops with papaya melon cilantro salsa and lime oil and wild mushroom minestrone with parmesan crackling soup. Grilled rib-eye steak in ginger marinade, vegetables and potato tart with lemongrass beurre blanc; and Apple Frangipane Tart for desserts.

The sumptuous Chef’s specials paired with the complimentary glass of wine and the ambiance of Las Casas, QC will surely make a perfect dining experience.

For dining reservations and more information about Las Casas Quezon City, call +63917 136 6796 or visit our website at

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