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GreaseShield Is Not Your Ordinary Grease Trap Solution

By Cesar M. Cruz Jr

Taking care of our planet is a responsibility not just for environmentalists. It is the job of every citizen of this earth to care for the environment. Consider the alarming case of Fatberg, for example, (as defined by Oxford English Dictionary- 2015) which pertains to a “ very large mass of solid waste that is found in a sewer consisting especially of fat and items that people throw down toilets.”

In the Philippines, it is unlawful for owners of restaurants and other eating establishments related to food manufacturing if their establishments are not equipped with grease traps. Thus, there is a pressing need for a superior grease management solution to address this concern.

This is where GreaseShield, the only eco certified grease recovery unit, comes into the picture. With its corporate mission of protecting the environment by delivering cost effective, sustainable and environmental solutions to FOG (fats, oils, and grease) drainage problems, this thing deserves your undivided attention.

What is FOG?

FOG is a natural by-product of most cooking and food preparation. It consists of several things such as fats from meats, dairy and animal products; vegetable oils and lard used in baking, cooking and frying; residue from pots, pans, dishes after cooking; oils naturally present in most vegetables. FOG wastes then pollute the sewer system via drains and solidifies to clog lines.

The problem is that regular grease traps suffer from the dual problem of twin contamination layers comprising of FOGs and solids, organic contaminants, separated by a layer of oxygen depleted water giving rise to foul smelling water. To make things worse, there is also a costly recurring expense for an inefficient process that does not eliminate the problems downstream.

Environmental Benefits, Operational and Cost-Saving Benefits

GreaseShield is in a league of its own in this department. With its numerous global certifications including Global Green Tag, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Canadian Standards Association, and Japanese Grease Management Standard for Grease Interceptors – you can be sure of its environmental benefits alongside operational and cost-saving benefits.

GreaseShield protects the environment from FOG by using the least amount of energy in its class. It protects the drainage network by allowing drain lines to flow freely from FOG. It harvests a source of renewable energy. Furthermore, it is in strict compliance with local water companies and landlords, thus preventing prosecution.

In terms of operational benefits, there is an automatic grease separation including emulsified animal fat; food and waste removal; self- emptying and internal self- cleaning; cost saving by eliminating frequent pumping costs, grease trap emptying and recurring drain blockages; no requirement to purchase enzymes or bio additives; user-friendly in the sense that there is no need for staff to access the internal of the machine, no more foul smelling grease traps, and no silt valve to allow the discharge of fats-,oils and grease to the drain line.

In order to make the grease management solution a smooth sailing experience, GreaseShield offers the following services- compliance support and selection proposals, site survey, installation, replacement parts, nationwide support, service and maintenance, and technical support and design.

Thanks to its unique and patented designs, GreaseShield is able to directly contribute to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. If you operate a commercial kitchen, do not settle for anything less than GreaseShield.

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