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Hobe Pancit Bihon wows media guests with their update on their Hobe quick-cook noodles product line

Quezon City - At Hobe Pancit Bihon’s recent press conference last August 22, 2023, Hobe presented media guests with updates on their product line. Strengthening Hobe’s thrust on providing quality products at competitive prices to the public, the press were given a chance to experience the mouthwatering features of Hobe noodles with impressive product demos. Guests were also treated to products from Hobe’s line of quick-cook noodles.

Boasting of their quick-cook noodles that are ready to serve in less than 5 minutes, Hobe Pancit Bihon noodles are a wonderful option for homes and businesses. For busy households, small businesses, and restaurants, quick preparation of meals is helpful for boosting efficiency and productivity. With Hobe Pancit Bihon, cooking time is significantly reduced. And, unlike traditional noodles that may break or become mushy during the cooking process, Hobe noodles maintain their integrity, ensuring a satisfying dining experience with every meal.

Centennial Food Corporation, the makers of Hobe Pancit Bihon, take great pride in their noodles- noodles that are sure to satisfy with every bite. Its flavorful taste and affordability also makes it a wise choice, especially to those who want to maximize their budget and profits. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Centennial Food Corporation continues to provide solutions that elevate the culinary landscape.

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Centennial Food Corporation (CFC) is a leading provider of high-quality food products, committed to delivering convenience and flavor to food establishments and households alike. With a dedication to innovation and excellence, Centennial Food Corporation continually introduces products that redefine culinary experiences.

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