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MR.DIY Makes a Vibrant Mark at Sinulog 2024 Festivities

The Photobooth from MR.DIY added a luminous touch to the evening celebrations at Plaza Independencia, showcasing the lively icons of products available at MR.DIY stores—a vivid memory to cherish from Sinulog 2024 festivities.

MR.DIY, the renowned home improvement and lifestyle retail chain, made a vibrant addition to the Sinulog 2024 festivities, captivating attendees with their engaging participation and community-centric initiatives. From January 16 to 21, 2024, MR.DIY's presence illuminated the celebration, fostering a spirit of excitement and camaraderie among festival-goers.

Throughout the festivities, MR.DIY delighted attendees with interactive activities at Plaza Independencia. From exhilarating games like "Bring Me!" to the entertaining "Keep it Up" challenge, participants were treated to an array of prizes courtesy of MR.DIY. These initiatives exemplified MR.DIY's commitment to fostering joy and togetherness within the community.

Sinulog Idol Season 15 Grand Champion Mr. John Ryan Panuncialman awarded by the MR.DIY Team (photo from left to right) Arnold Paguntalan, MR.DIY’s Assistant Marketing Manager, MR.DIY Panda, Agnes Puno, MR.DIY’s Area Manager for the Visayas Region, Charles Kevin Lim, MR.DIY’s Division Manager for Central Visayas.

Adding a touch of musical flair to the celebrations, MR.DIY crowned Mr. John Ryan Panuncialman as the Sinulog Idol 2024, Season 15 winner. Panuncialman's captivating performances captivated audiences and earned him the prestigious title, further cementing MR.DIY's support for local talent and artistic expression.

Embracing the festival's essence of beauty and grace, MR.DIY crowned Ms. Niña Blythe Boniel of Barangay Sapangdaku as the Sinulog Queen 2024 on January 19. This gesture not only celebrated local talent but also underscored MR.DIY's dedication to recognizing and uplifting community members.

Team Kramer gracing the 4.1-kilometer route of the South Road Properties (SRP).

The highlight of MR.DIY's involvement was their captivating float, which paraded through the vibrant streets of Cebu alongside their celebrity ambassador Team Kramer, with the entire family in attendance—Doug, Cheska, Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin. Adorned with vibrant blooms and featuring their iconic logo mascot, "Hammer” in a giant yellow basket, the float symbolized MR.DIY's commitment to creativity and innovation. In a procession boasting 31 floats, MR.DIY's presence added a touch of color and energy to the 4.1-kilometer route around the South Road Properties (SRP).

Beyond the festivities, MR.DIY continues to serve the Visayas region with convenience and affordability. With 99 stores scattered across Visayas, including 31 in Cebu alone, MR.DIY remains a steadfast companion to local communities, offering a wide range of products to address diverse family needs. With a commitment to providing quality goods at Always Low Prices, MR.DIY ensures that everyone can access the essentials they require, wherever they are, MeronDIYan.

Embracing the festive spirit of Sinulog, MR.DIY Stores in Cebu adorn their establishments with vibrant decorations and celebratory elements as seen in the photo of the APM Prime Mall Branch.

MR.DIY's participation in the Sinulog 2024 festivities not only added vibrancy to the celebrations but also underscored their commitment to community engagement and support. As they continue to expand their presence across Visayas, MR.DIY remains dedicated to serving and uplifting local communities, enriching lives one D-I-Y project at a time.

To know more about the upcoming MR.DIY Festivities, head to MR.DIY’s official website at or follow /mrdiyPH on Facebook, and @mrdiy.philippines on Instagram and TikTok. You can also check out MR.DIY’s stores nationwide here:  

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