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Panahon sa Taiwan: Unveiling the Allure of Taiwan Tourism for Filipino Travelers

Panahon sa Taiwan, a highly anticipated event promoting Taiwan tourism, was recently held recently. The event successfully showcased the unique attractions and experiences that make Taiwan a beloved destination for Filipino travelers.

The event commenced with a warm welcome speech by Mr. Wallace Minn-Gan Chow, Representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines. Mr. Richard G. Daenos, Director of Regional Office III, Philippine Department of Tourism, and Mr. Raymund Glen A. Agustin, Chief Tourism Operations Officer of Market Development Division, Office of Product and Market Development, Department of Tourism of the Republic of the Philippines, also delivered insightful remarks, emphasizing the strong bond between Taiwan and the Philippines in the tourism sector.

A highlight of the event was the lucky draw, where attendees had the chance to win flight tickets to Taiwan, adding excitement and anticipation to the event. Additionally, the “Accelerated and Expanded Inbound Tourism Promotion Program” was introduced, offering incentives to both independent and group travelers visiting Taiwan.

According to survey results, Filipino tourists have expressed a strong preference for certain attractions in Taiwan, including the iconic Taipei 101, the magnificent National Taichung Theater, and the breathtaking scenery of Sixty Stone Mountain in Hualien, adorned with vibrant orange day lilies.

The growing popularity of Taiwan among Filipino travelers can be attributed to several factors. Taiwan offers visa-free entry for Filipino visitors for up to 14 days until July 31st, 2024. With a short travel time of only 2 hours from Manila to Taipei, Taiwan has become an accessible and desirable destination for quick getaways and longer vacations. Furthermore, the scenic beauty, delectable cuisine, and excellent shopping destinations in Taiwan have captivated the hearts of Filipino visitors.

Panahon sa Taiwan successfully showcased the best of Taiwan tourism and strengthened the bond between Taiwan and the Philippines in the tourism industry. For more information and updates on Taiwan tourism, please visit and follow their official Facebook Page at and their official website

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