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Phil Dizon: Wearer of Many Hats

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

When asked what they would like to be when they grow up, a child usually answers with one ultimate dream that becomes their guide towards adulthood. More often than not, only a few people get to live their dreams as they grow old, considering life’s unpredictability. In the case of Mr. Phil Dizon, Chief Executive Officer and President of Vendiz Pharmaceuticals Inc.—a 100% Filipino Pharmaceutical Company that develops high quality but cost-effective pharmaceutical products in the Philippines—life’s colors come in naturally as he traverses the world of glitz and glamour while fulfilling his destiny of leading a corporation.

Raised in Baguio, the young Phil developed an early interest in the wondrous world of photography. Together with his siblings, Phil’s natural love for the arts developed into a passion as he got to see the world and snap every moment of his experience abroad. A nature lover, Phil’s initial interest in photography developed further as he entered the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he learned further techniques and styles in portraiture.

Destined to Shine

“When I was 16 years old, I moved to Colorado where I continued my studies. There, I stayed with my foster parents, whose love for photography further enhanced my interest. My foster dad, who was so much into black and white photography then, taught me how to take photos and develop them manually,” Phil shares. “As I entered UCLA, my interest in photography led to a stint covering fashion shows. I consider that my first serious exposure to photography, which then led to who I am now as an artist,” he added.

Being part of a family of entrepreneurs, Phil had the luxury of traveling abroad, immersing in the culture and traditions that enhanced his interest in people and photography, which eventually brought him the idea of promoting Filipinos’ ingenuity and beauty through fashion shows.

In the early ‘80s, together with one of his brothers, Phil ventured into photography and entrepreneurship with Voyeur Visage Studio, a small photo studio located in San Juan City where he acted as lead photographer and chief executive officer. It was then that Phil learned the values of leadership while staying true to his art and passion.

“I had the opportunity to work with various world-renowned designers, photographers, and models back then, and my interest in photography and the arts never diminished as I ventured into business and further on to corporate life,” Phil shared.

Home is Where Your Heart Is

While Phil’s photography gained further acknowledgment and prestige, in 1990, Phil’s father, Mr. Juvencio D. Dizon, established the family’s business, Vendiz Pharmaceuticals Inc., which partnered with Ashford Pharmaceutical Laboratories, one of the local manufacturers awarded the Certificate of Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP).

It was in 1996 that Phil took over the position of Vice President for Business Development of Ashford Pharmaceutical Laboratories. This served as his elevated training ground in the corporate world while he continued to photograph local and international fashion shows in his free time.

“I have a very supportive family that continues to inspire me up to this day. The support that we give to one another encourages our goals and aspirations as individuals while allowing us to fulfill our obligations to the family’s business that our father built,” Phil mentioned.

A few years after serving as the Vice President for Business Development of Ashford Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Phil then moved to Vendiz Pharmaceuticals Inc. and was appointed its President and CEO to continue the company’s mission of improving the lives of the Filipino people—the patients, doctors, partners, and shareholders—through continuous innovation, quality products, and cost-effective prices.

“The pandemic has brought so many challenges to the entire world. Along with these challenges are new opportunities for some of us that have brought us back to our core,” Phil shared. “In my many years as a professional photographer and executive of Vendiz, I always tried to practice working intrinsically and extrinsically. This way, I get to experience everything about the business, and can easily step back to see the whole picture if something happens.” Phil added.

Back to the Core

Currently, Phil is happily manning the family’s business, while consciously getting inspiration from other forms of art that are popular among the new generation. Together with his children, 19-year-old Justin and 26-year-old Jessica, Phil was able to capture stunning moments and breathtaking sceneries before the pandemic struck the world. And because of his bankable talent, Phil will soon launch his online channel that will share his passion and love for art, along with other interests highlighted by different personalities he met throughout his journeys.

“This year, I’m happy to share that we are launching my online platform which will further showcase my love for arts as well as my interests to the various layers of our being. I’ve seen so many wonderful places and met so many amazing people in my life, and I hope that this endeavor will inspire more people, especially the young ones, to keep dreaming and achieving their goals in life. Who knows, one day, they’ll be wearing the hat that they want,” Phil shared. will be the virtual gateway to Phil Dizon’s online endeavors, which include his online portfolio for his photography work, online travel show (Phildiz World), and podcast (Phil’s World Chronicles).

“As the world continues to battle COVID-19, I want to share some light with everyone who feels alone and disconnected. I hope that through my photography works, travel videos, and podcasts, I get to inspire them to live their precious lives and be one with the whole world, hoping and praying for a better and safer tomorrow,” Phil concluded.

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