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#PinoyPride: BEXCS Logistics Says Hello to World!

Filipino-owned Logistics Company Expands in Hong Kong and Taiwan

(From Left to Right) XMart Chief Operating Officer Mr. Benjamin Lee; XMart Co-founder Mr. Alex Lo; XTurn Ecommerce Co., Ltd. Chairman Ms. Jian Yin Jie; MetaGod Holding Limited (Hongkong) Executive Director Mr. David Huang; BEXCS Logistics Chairwoman Ms. Marjorey Rubio; Philippine Ecommerce Association President Mr. Von Basa; Italian Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Mr. Lorens Ziller; and BEXCS Logistics President Ms. Maria Ascuncion Labanen

The Logistics Industry in the Philippines is considerably at the growing stage driven by

the surge in demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world in the past

couple of years. Mostly led by international companies that have a wider reach and

advanced technology, it is forecasted to grow further in the next five years due to the

continued demand for Ecommerce around the globe.

While many international logistics companies are opening up their satellite offices here

in the country, BEXCS Logistics, a 100% Filipino-owned company, which is rooted in

Bulacan is set to expand its footprints not only in the Philippines but also in its

neighboring Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Taiwan.

An Inspiring Beginning

Established in 2019 in Bulacan, Philippines by husband and wife Mr. and Mrs. Rodel

and Marjorey Rubio, BEXCS Logistics was coined from the former Bulacan Express

Courier Services that the couple initially established before expanding it to other nearby

cities and provinces in the country.

Armed with their backgrounds in Logistics and Engineering (Rodel Rubio) and Market

Analysis and E-Commerce (Marjorey Rubio), this couple paved the way for more micro,

small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to reach their customers through its efficient

and affordable same-day delivery services.

“BEXCS has been operational since 2019, and it was only last year that we officially

launched it along with the opening of our franchise business and headquarters in Cebu,

which aims to cater to our growing customers in here the Philippines. We are delighted

and humbled by the overwhelming support from our partners and customers who are

patronizing our services from the very start,” shares Mrs. Marjorey Rubio, Chairperson

of BEXCS Logistics and Chief Executive Officer of BEXCS Worldwide.

With BEXCS continuous growth in just three years, the Company has widened its

services to provide a full suite of services designed to serve all kinds of logistics needs,

prioritizing the growing MSMEs in the Philippines. From Warehousing & Inventory

Management, Order Fulfilment Services, and Last-Mile Deliveries, BEXCS has already

created a complete 360-degree logistic operation that can go side-by-side with

international logistics companies that are operating in Asia and the Pacific.

“We’ve seen and experienced the hardships that our fellow Filipino business owners

have faced in the past years. These challenges created an opportunity for us to fill the

gaps in logistics processes in some areas of the country that are currently helping local

entrepreneurs continue to grow their businesses. We wish to grow with them in

achieving their targets while helping the nation bounce back from the impacts of global

challenges, including the pandemic.

From one company, BEXCS has grown into 3 ambitious and aggressive line of business

that is set to for the global platform: BEXCS Franchise, BEXCS Logistics, and BEXCS

Worldwide. This expansion equates to 3 central hubs, 37 sorting facilities, and 278

branches across the country with strengthening partnerships with some of the top local

companies including Mindatrans, Isend and FAST Logistics.

Meanwhile, BEXCS Logistics currently consists of 15,000 motorcycle fleet, and 6,000

trucks and van fleet.

Expanding Globally, Strengthening Ties

This year, as the company welcomes its new president, Ms. Ma. Asuncion Labanen,

whose years of experience will be provided further guidance and leadership, BEXCS

Logistics is proud to announce its new offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan that aims to put

BEXCS into the universal logistic market.

“Our MSME partners play a crucial role in our growth, and with the opening of our office

in these two major countries in Asia – Hong Kong and Taiwan – we are determined to

further help our people in growing their business while building ties with our neighboring

countries here in Asia. We are just beginning, and I hope that we will be able to partner

with more countries soon for the benefit of many people and economies,” Mrs. Rubio


With Ms. Asuncion at the helm of BEXCS Logistics, the company is set to achieve

greater heights and even bigger goals in the both mid-term and long-term.

“We’ve partnered with numerous companies and organizations from Taiwan and Hong

Kong, and we hope that through this fruitful partnership, we will open more financial

stream for the company while staying committed to our goals of providing opportunities

to many people,” Mrs. Rubio shared.

BEXCS Logistics’ international presence is supported by the world’s biggest and trusted

logistics companies in the world including GTS Express, Kanway Global, Fujitrans, DNP

Logistics, and Gothong- Suzue, with AI Customs Clearance support courtesy of


Through these supports, BEXCS aims to strengthen its international alliance including

with Taiwan’s XTurn, XMart, BXBase, 3S Biotech, EAK Engineering Consultants &

Technology CO., LTD., Royal Global Business Center (RGBC) Corporation, Cloud8

Taiwan Restaurant, and Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Inc. The Company also aims to

further grow its ties with TAMMEE of Hong Kong, along with Italian Chamber of

Commerce Inc., Philippine E-commerce Association, PLDT and Aquaskin PH.

“Our gathering today is our simple way of showing force to the world that together, with

our business partners from different parts of the globe, we can connect the Philippines

to more areas where we can all build better connections and partnerships in the future,”

mentioned Mrs. Rubio 


Sustainably Guided

BEXCS Logistics takes pride in having environment, social, and governance (ESG) on

top of its operation since it was incorporated in 2019. Guided by its commitment to

serving people with utmost importance to its environment, BEXCS Logistics adheres to

the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) to join the universal call

to action in ending poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuring that by 2030 all people

enjoy peace and prosperity.

Among the UN SDGs that BEXCS Logistics takes note of are the following:

No Poverty – with its commitment to going global, BEXCS provides livelihood to

hundreds of people not only in the Philippines but also in Hong Kong and Taiwan

where it plans to expand.

Good Health and Well-being – having a son with special needs, Mr. and Mrs.

Rubio believe in the importance of having a balanced life where its people can

perform well and be present to their needs whenever possible.

Gender Equality – With both Mr. and Mrs. Rubio at the top executive level, they

ensure that every layer of their company is equipped with an equal number of

employees from both genders.

Affordable and Cleanergy / Climate Action – Being in a Logistics company

requires a higher carbon footprint, that’s why for BEXCS Logistics, it is important

to invest in new technology that won’t just enhance their capacity but also protect

the environment. For this year, BEXCS Logistics has started shifting to clean

energy by acquiring electric vehicles, which they will use in their daily operation.

“Though this is just a small step towards achieving a net zero, we hope that we’ll serve

as an inspiration to other companies, not only in the logistics industry, to go green and

save the planet for our future generation,” Mrs. Rubio added.

Decent Work and Economic Growth – With its continued expansion both

locally and globally, BEXCS Logistics is seen as a contributor to the developing

economy of the Philippines as well as in advanced countries such as Hong Kong

and Taiwan.

Industry Innovation and Infrastructure – Provided with years of experience in

the Logistics Industry, BEXCS continues to adhere to modern technology that will

further enhance its operation and service to millions of its customers worldwide.

Responsible Consumption and Production – In BEXCS Logistics, the

Company makes sure that every effort made will create an impact on its

businesses, its franchisees, and partners.

“In the coming years, BEXCS Logistics aims to further reach more places where we can

provide more opportunities, especially to our Filipino people whether they are here in

the Philippines or abroad. BEXCS Logistics also aims to broaden its horizon by tapping more markets across the globe and building partnerships with other businesses and

nations,” Mrs. Rubio concluded.

To know more about BEXCS Logistics, you may visit

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