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President Marcos, Jr. Receives Leadership Confidence From The E- Commerce Sector.

Vietnam Group supports Philippine E-Commerce sector.

Hanoi, Vietnam - In a bid to enhance E-Commerce regulation and foster economic growth, Ecom Thrive Asia Philippines has taken a significant step by forging a collaboration with CTO Network Vietnam, the largest Fintech and Ecommerce organization in Vietnam. This partnership aims to establish a self-regulatory body to ensure ethical business `practices and counter digital scams that plague the industry.

Vietnam has emerged as a global leader in Ecommerce, particularly renowned for its technological innovations and platform development. CTO Network Vietnam boasts an impressive membership base, with over 8,000 individual and corporate members. Recognizing the need for industry-wide vigilance against digital scams, the two organizations have united to safeguard the interests of industry stakeholders.

The agreement entails stringent checks and monitoring of each member's online business practices. This collective effort seeks to create a robust foundation for secure and ethical digital commerce. The collaboration also holds the promise of stimulating economic growth through technological advancements and cooperative initiatives.

The pivotal meeting took place in Hanoi, Vietnam, gathering key figures from both organizations. Among the notable attendees were Miss Thiên Lý, CTO of Hanoi Network; Van, CTO of Hanoi; Do Xuan Thang; Mr. Minh Duc, Founder of CTO Vietnam, a prominent figure in Hanoi Network's CTO team; Mr. Nani Razon, Co-Founder of Ecommerce Thrive Asia - Philippines and CEO of Gencys; Mr. Charlie Gengos, Co-Founder and Chairman of Gencys; Mr. Raffy G. Canare, Co-Founder of Ecommerce Thrive Asia - Philippines and CEO of Myndo Communications; Lucky Guerzon, Director for Thrive Communications and Founing President of nRocket Inc.; Jay Jazmines, CEO of nRocket Inc.; along with Pamela Joy Estonillo,CEO RZ Commerce Corp. and Leanne Domenden Dela Cruz, CEO, Founder, KGold Beauty.

This landmark collaboration marks a significant stride towards ensuring the integrity of the Ecommerce landscape while propelling economic prosperity through digital commerce and technology. As these industry giants join forces, the future holds the promise of a safer, more vibrant digital marketplace. During the six-day visit in Hanoi, the Philippine delegation conducted series of coaching, mentoring and masterminds session with Vietnam’s ECommerce Tycoon, Mr. Hai Dang Nguyen of SEA International and BB Capital Vietnam, Vietnam’s highly respected Branding Guru and Philanthropist, Mr. Hung Vu of CES Talk.

There are around 30 Million E-commerce users in the Philippines, only less than one (1%) are formally registered, while the rest are on underground operations. The organization aims to encourage all players to take part in nation- building by registering their business to the government. While this may be a challenge, at least adding companies will increase the number of companies who are willing to support the government. To be able to do this, ECom Thrive Founders, Nani Razon, Raffy Canare and Charlie Gengos are closely working with the government in establishing a business- friendly environment to the stakeholders. President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. during his recent SONA takes confidence in a stronger E-Commerce industry as its roadmap was firmly in place to ensure that the government will deliver a robust economy driven by active digitalization of both the commercial sector, the government and the consumers. This statement provides a better future for the Filipinos to fully embrace technology and e-commerce. According to Nani Razon, the Marcos administration provided a business- friendly environment to stakeholders that eventually would materialize our growth projection of at least 12% to 15% by end of 2023. Raffy Canare, ECom Thrive founder optimistically agreed that while our stakeholders are doubling its effort to produce sales, we can feel how the government is making it a good playground for the stakeholders and making it inclusive from home-based online sellers to large scale digital commerce traders. In fact, through the advancement of technology, Filipinos doing online selling not just locally but internationally is growing. Our local brands will be given more opportunities to put their brand available in the US, Canada, Europe and all first world countries, Charlie Gengos, co- founder of ECom Thrive added.

The recent sealing of partnership of Ecom Thrive Asia with CTO Network Vietnam will fuel and advance the capacity of our stakeholders by integrating new applications that will efficiently optimize marketing and sales strategies of their company members.

Ecommerce Thrive Asia- Philippines is a movement with an objective of empowering the MSME and the country’s economy through digital commerce and continuing education of its members and stakeholders on current technology and best practices. The organization is also active in government fora, private partnerships, international collaborations, socio- economic policy development and program.

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