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Puerto, Princesa Palawan's Newest Leisure Destination

HUE Hotels & Resorts Puerto Princesa Offers a Distinct Experience to Cosmopolitan Travelers

In recent years, the Philippines has been garnering international awards and accolades from different groups and organizations for being one of the world's top or must-visit places in the world. Having 7,641 islands that are mostly accessible to tourists, the country's vibrant appeal continues to capture more people, locally and abroad, boosting the local economy, spurring tourism activities, and more. This year, as the Philippines marks 2023 an exciting era for local tourism with the easing of health restrictions, national and local government units are aggressively ramping up their efforts to further promote the country through the provision of more fun, remarkable, and memorable holiday experience for everyone. The archipelagic island of Palawan, which is tagged as the world's last frontier, is set to amplify its sustainable tourism program benefitting the local economy and the environment.

Learnings from the Past

The tourism industry was one of the badly hit industries in the world when the COVID-19 pandemic spread like wildfire and took almost two years to mitigate. In the accommodation and transport sectors, many businesses were forced to close down which led to the laying off of thousands of employees. In the Philippines, despite the strict protocols to mitigate the virus, some tourism-related businesses remain operational to cater to the returning OFWs and stranded travelers.

HUE Hotels and Resorts in Puerto Princesa, Palawan was one of the few establishments that were allowed to operate during the height of the pandemic and asked to provide accommodation and services to travelers and essential workers visiting the city and the province.

"We strategically partnered with public and private entities to maintain our operation going. Despite letting go almost half of our employees then, we managed to stay operational during the pandemic, mostly catering to returning Filipino workers, LGU employees, and seafarers. We made sure that we are adhering to the health protocols implemented by the national government to keep our facility safe for everyone. Thankfully, come 2022, we're operating on a normal basis, acquiring back our laid-off employees and staff," HUE Hotels & Resorts Puerto Princesa General Manager Christian Guballa shared.

Located along the bustling KM. 3, Puerto Princesa North Road, Brgy. San Manuel, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, HUE Hotels and Resorts has been operational for six years now providing eclectic stays to local and international travelers of the province. With Puerto Princesa being the capital of Palawan, this facility has been home to numerous events and activities in the city.

"We're very fortunate that for 2022, the prestigious Iron Man was held here in Puerto Princesa City bringing in a good number of tourists as well as boosting other businesses here in the province. With the city's unique charm and harmonious balance of nature and modern developments, it remains an attractive destination for many tourists," Guballa added.

Puerto Princesa's Evident Beauty and Style

Embracing Palawan's indigenous side with modern engineering, HUE Hotels & Resorts in Puerto Princesa City takes pride in its vibrant interior topped with splendid service that would make one fall in love over and over again.

"We're currently offering 122 vibrant rooms that provide inspiration and relaxation at the same time. Having 98% of our staff being Palaweno, we guarantee that you'll have a superb experience while you're here at our hotel. We've been getting a lot of positive reviews about property and services here, and we want to make sure that we will maintain, or even level up, that kind of service to all our guests. This is one of our ways to promote our hotel and Palawan to the world," Guballa proudly shared.

HUE Hotels & Resorts also takes pride in providing sustainable operations to its customers highlighting Palawan's natural resources and products as well as its world-renowned beauty topping different lists of "Must-Visit Places on Earth."

"We maintain a high standard of service here at HUE. Along with the extensive training that we provide to our staff and crew, we are also maximizing the resources we use in our daily operations. Being in Palawan, where we are surrounded by some of nature's most priced resources, it's important to maintain the balance in everything that we do. These efforts are providing HUE an opportunity to further highlights its vibrant beauty here in the province while maintaining its harmonious relationship with Palawan's beauty," Guballa boasts.

It's More Fun at HUE

With Guballa leading HUE Puerto Princesa, guests from different parts of the world can expect more without exciting offerings and events to watch out for.

"I've been with the company since 2020 managing HUE Hotels & Resorts Boracay branch. I transferred here to Puerto Princesa, Palawan around June 2020, and since then, I've been managing this property. Witnessing how our customers' desires and aspirations change throughout the pandemic, I can say that HUE is ready to welcome more tourists this time around. We've ramped up our services and products that can cater to more people and events," Guballa added.

HUE Puerto Princesa offers well-thought amenities that add convenience and fun to its guests' stay. These include expansive multiple spaces such as 2 ballrooms, each with a capacity of 100 persons, and 2 meeting rooms, each with a capacity of 40 persons. The hotel also provides a picturesque swimming pool, overlooking the bustling city of Puerto Princesa. For further relaxation and an immersive experience, HUE Puerto Princesa offers Aminah Spa, offering traditional massages and spa services; and LA-UD Restaurant, sharing fresh ingredients and flavors with its guests' everyday dining experience.

HUE Puerto Princesa's proximity to various top destinations makes it among the top choice for tourists. From the hotel, guests can easily jump off to Puerto Princesa's well-loved attractions including the UNESCO World Heritage site Puerto Princesa Underground River or Subterranean River National Park, the exhilarating Honda Bay, or take a front-row seat to see nature's wonder through a tranquil boat ride along the Iwahig River for firefly watching. Tourists may enjoy the captivating city life in Puerto Princesa through HUE's City tour offering.

HUE Puerto Princesa is managed by Hospitality Innovators, Inc. (HII). For bookings, you may visit its official website or you may contact them at (+63) 917-773- 4427, (+63) 917-824-4284, and (+63) 947-428-9025.

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