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Savor the Fancy and Delightful Sakura Afternoon Tea at The Writers Bar

By Cesar Cruz Jr.

Afternoon tea is steeped in English tradition (pun intended) of drinking tea while nibbling little bites of sandwiches, cakes, pastries, and scones. The custom which dates back to the early 19th century served as a food break between lunch and dinner. The Writers Bar at Raffles Makati have made a twist to the luxurious experience by offering an authentic Sakura Afternoon Tea. (Sakura refers to the cherry blossoms which has its own festival in Japan lasting from March to May.)

The Sakura Afternoon Tea presents a library of tea flavors from TWG, the finest luxury tea brand in the world. Secha (loose) seaweed-like flavor, Genmaicha (loose) roasted pop rice or Matcha (powdered) Ikeda Seicha green tea, mocktails, cocktails, and even champagne can be availed as well as an upgrade option. For its food offering, get ready for an imposing three-tier serving tray of imaginative sweet and savory nibbles. Sink your teeth into Matcha sesame tofu black beans and lotus root, Teriyaki chicken sandwich and egg salad, Salmon roll with tofu, daikon radish Matcha madeleine, Mitarashi dumpling, Sakura and berry Mont Blanc, Sakura and cream cheese mousse, Strawberry panna cotta and yuzu jelly, and more. The inviting appearance and sophisticated flavors of these bite-sized delights will surely tickle the tastebuds of its partakers pink.

On the other hand, the unseen luxury here, other than what is consumed, involves taking one’s sweet time in indulging what the Sakura Afternoon Tea has to offer in the midst of a relaxing environment. The elegant and cozy atmosphere of the place makes it the perfect spot for intimate talks. Each set, good for two persons, is priced at Php2,900 nett. Reservations are required at The Writers Bar which is open daily from 2pm to 11pm.

The Writers Bar in Raffles Makati, like in all Raffles location, pays homage to well-known and up and coming authors who have stayed at its original hotel – Raffles Singapore, established in 1887.

Just like the seasonal cherry blossom in Japan, the Sakura Afternoon Tea is offered for a limited time only.

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